The World Peace Project


Most people want World Peace, but do not even know how to get inner peace, but we need inner peace to achieve World Peace. Inner peace comes from being completely silent and still and breathing deeply and making peaceful order in our inner feelings through acceptance. This removes fear and without fear compassion is possible.


Compassion is the pleasure of satisfying everyone and everything for the pure joy of knowing that all are happy and satisfied. To be truly compassionate towards others one must have compassion with oneself. This is essential. No one on this planet deserves more compassion from you than you do yourself. To know deeply that you really deserve compassion you must first reach a peaceful state. Next you can become compassionate.


To deeply understand something it takes peace and compassion but also the ability to think in many steps long-term. Fleeting quick thought, without compassion and peace, is not correct. Compassion and peace without deep thought is not correct. Peace and thought without compassion is not correct. All pieces are necessary for understanding. This means that all can NOT understand.

Maybe 90% can reach a peaceful state. Maybe 80% can reach true compassion. Maybe 70% can think deeply in enough steps. This will be sufficient to reach our goal: World Peace before 11 April 2022 and ecological sustainability with nature before 11 April 2027.