Peace in the Middle East soon? – Donald Trump about “the worst single mistake ever made”

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Will Donald Trump be remembered as a greater and more intelligent president than John F Kennedy, even though he is Republican? Certainly he has potential. It’s always a challenge and Trump seems to like all kinds of challenges.

Some use Trump’s actions against North Korea as evidence of his wickedness, but it should be remembered that this happened during a time when he was pushed hard by the ugly media in the USA and wanted them to write about something else. Now the anger seems to have turned to calmness and courage, which is the way towards peace, compassion and understanding.

Some think it’s easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for the rich to get into the kingdom of higher consciousness, but the courage to talk badly about war Trump seems to have in any case, so it actually looks very promising for him now, I reckon. Trump is on track with this quote. Has he perhaps meditated much like Buddha and Jesus? What will Trumps posthumous reputation in the blogosphere be? In any case, I wait with calmness and great expectation on world peace.

Here a quote of Donald Trump from The Hill:

Bild på Donald Trump
…”the worst single mistake ever made in the history of our country — going into the Middle East by President Bush. Obama may have gotten ‘em out wrong, but going in is to me the biggest single mistake made in the history of our country. Because we spent $7 trillion in the Middle East. Now if you wanna fix a window some place they say, “oh jee, let’s not do it. $7 trillion and millions of lives — you know, ‘cause I like to count both sides. Millions of lives. To me is the worst single mistake made in the history of our country. Civil war you can understand. Civil war, civil war. That’s different. For us to have gone into the Middle East, and that was just, that was a bad day for this country” …
/Donald Trump Source:

Will maybe Trump have the time to reach world peace, before Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein form a rainbow coalition for peace, the environment and welfare?

The Hill is a non-partisan American political newspaper published in Washington, D.C. since 1994. It focuses on the intersection of politics, policy, business and international relations, The Hill coverage includes Congress, the White House and federal campaigns.


Letter to Richard Stallman – Why complicate things?

Hi Richard!

My name is Martin Gustavsson and I work daily for peace.

I found out about you not so long ago and I must say I am grateful for that. I feel you are a great guy, when watching and reading things about you. Everyone should take a look, in my opinion, but think for themselves openly and be sceptic and meditate often.

First I tried Protonmail to encrypt. Nice and easy. Looks great and feels great, but you did not want to use their scripts in order to read what I sent because you do not want to use non-safe Javascript, and to be honest the guys in Cern in Switzerland could be corrupted spies too. Very true.

So finally I learned how to connect my Gmail with Thunderbird. Thanks. Now I have downloaded Enigmail, but still have not found out how to use it. It does not seem to be able to figure out what encryption key to use automatically. I get a list of about ten suggestions when adding your adress. Seems a bit strange to me.

I tried, by the way, to contact Riseup through for an account. Did not work AND Riseup is based in the USA, a country controlled by the military industrial complex AND this when the US citizens actually could have chosen other more peaceful alternatives. Most decided to vote for …

Now to something more positive! UK is looking more promising with Brexit and Corbyn rising. A peaceful guy. Peaceful politicians in the US and UK could MAYBE form a Rainbow coalition take the power, and vote for peace and uphold UN resolutions in the future?

Another nice thing. Gmail works, also with the add-on NoScript activated. Why is Gmail able to function without scripts, but no company claiming to be one of the good GPL-guys can give them any competition at all? I finally gave up and meditated and finally I realized:

Why not use directly and openly?

It has advantages. I can verify from any terminal that the message I have sent to anyones blog is actually there and not lost on the way. It works with NoScript activated.

Secondly, If anyone answers, they can see that I have read it, when it has been approved and published from any anonymous terminal without login, without scripts.

It is a bit like when you suggested once that there should be no passwords, if I remeber correctly. Internet is not safe for normal people anyway, so why pretend that it is with encryption etc.?

There are trojan horses and who is going through all the code before compiling and running them all? Would it even help?

So. A small suggestion to help newbees:

Step 0.a Configure your webmail to IMAP and disable POP, unless you want to download all your e-mails to your own computer when starting Thunderbird! 🙂

I guess “1.a Installing Wizard” should be “1.a Start Thunderbird and add the Enigmail add-on”

I understand why not to trust scripts, but I also have a problem trusting the open encryption key system. I do not understad how it can be safe at all. I mean should not keys be secret and hidden? …or should you not at least have some kind of personal login code given in real life?

It might intrest you that there is a popular Telegram-app out there now, but no executable file available to download in the Linux repository. I am not sure why not? Maybe you can explain it to me and everyone else?

And by the way, I love you as a person and would like you to have at least one child somehow and spread your great genes to coming generations.

Best regards
Scientific party of Sweden

Tage Danielsson – “The ism-poem” or “Advice to a newborn baby”

From the Swedish peace-movement a card about peace. I have translated this peaceful text to all of you, because it has become more and more important for all of us, especially to write this in the international language of English.

Picture of Tage Danielsson

“The ism-poem” or “Advice to a newborn baby”

Before becoming a capitalist,
communist, monetarist,
anarchist, marxist, fascist,
terrorist, imperialist,
socialist, syndicalist,
or even a kapital liberal
tiny you need to understand
that as soon as you can walk,
you should toddle in and join
the world party for peace
that comes before everything else.
All the -isms where we stopped
are second-rate, not the greatest.
Peace must come first.
If it does not, my friend,
then nothing comes after it.

/ Tage Danielsson Source: Swedish peace-movement a card about peace.

Picture of Tage Danielsson

“ism-dikten” eller “råd till ett nyfött barn”

Innan du blir kapitalist,
kommunist, monetarist,
anarkist, marxist, fascist,
terrorist, imperialist,
socialist, syndikalist,
eller rentav folkpartist
måste lilla du förstå
att så snart som du kan gå
bör du stultande gå med
i det världsparti för fred
som går före allting annat.
Alla –ismer där vi stannat
är sekunda, inte störst.
Freden måste komma först.
Gör den inte det, min vän,
kommer inget efter den.

/Tage Danielsson Källa: Svenska Freds Gratulationskort med Tage Danielssons dikt.

Please do translate it to more languages, link to this page, and tell everybody, espesially people who need to be sceptical about an ism and need to radiate more peace, calm down, get into a peaceful state through contemplation or meditation!

Then together, make sure, by understanding things deeply, to always be awesome, work for and vote for inclusive peaceful politicians and peaceful parties that radiates peace and respect and who are eager to make everyone join and deliver it together!

Our world depends on each and every one of you. You yourself can be that last drop in the cup that makes this world come into a more peaceful balance. It is all about your intention, your calmness, your compassion, your deep understanding and your action because you have much more influence than you think in every little detail of your life. Just look at it deeply with an open mind!

Where I work for peace? Through a Swedish scientific party and an inclusive Rainbow coalition where everybody is welcome regardless of ism (as long as it is legal).

Thanks for the contribution
of this wonderful card in Swedish goes to Kao.

Meditate with your cat – Peace, compassion and understanding means to be the change you want to see

Many are those who love their cats and want to see more peace, compassion and understanding in this world. Quite many are those who act on it, in their lives, through their friends and through their families.

We need more of these people
who are willing to do that right thing in every moment. Maybe most important of all, we need more peaceful, compassionate and intelligent people who understand things deeply, who are willing to be both open and sceptical and act altrutistic long-term in politics.

And that is why political parties often needs to be replaced, just like old trees rot and needs to fall, to give room for new plants to grow. Be like such plants my friends! Support such plants, because all big rotten trees will eventually fall! Do not climb old rotten trees like a cat! You are not a cat, but you can meditate like a cat, with your cat and you can grow, we can grow!

Picture of cat and girl on aroof with the text: If you want to be happy, make someone else happy. If you want to find the right one, make sure you yourself are the right one. If you want to see change in this world, be the one who is part of changing this world.

Take care of your cat and yourself and each other!

With peace, compassion and understanding, beeing the change I want to see,
Martin Gustavsson
Political organizer of
The Scientific party of Sweden, Vetenskapliga partiet &
The Rainbow coalition of Sweden, Valsamverkanspartiet

Peace is coming – I put a magic spell on you and the world

Peace is coming. People are celebrating. Feel the power! Energy is flowing to the peaceful, to the compassion between people and to animals and nature in each nation. People love their families and their own people and want the best for other people too. Clever long-term compassion is strong and flowing. People choose their favourite culture by travelling, reading, experiencing and understanding.

People follow their hearts and move to the cultures that they like, guided by the heart. People respect other cultures and protect them by assimilation and bringing harmony. All races become more beutiful, healthy and strong, in different ways, adapted for local life. The understanding is strengthened. People understand what is evidence, good arguments, more true and what brings peace.

People have enough and are more satisfied with what they have. The world becomes more ecological and realxed. The rich agree to get less rich, thereby feel good and more safe. The the less rich are happy to get a more rich life and get more relaxed. The rich and the poor meet and sing and party together. Intelligence, compassion and health increases.

We live longer and happier, finding our inner call in meditation. We understand what is right long-term and we begin to act on it, giving our energy to good development everywhere. Family size become more in balance with nature everywhere. Science blends with spirituality. Belief becomes more and more true. It is magic and it is logic and it is emotionally wonderful.


Poem for Peace

This is a scientific experiment and sure
will anything be all true and pure?
But let us not be tragic!
It is a different type of “magic”.

What we know through science
is nothing works with blind defiance
Skeptic one must be. It’s true.
Open one must be to find the new.

Breathing deep heals the brain,
courage reap, relieves the pain.
and understanding, I must say.
Repairs ýour telomers by the way.

Breathing I suggest with ease.
It is a way to silent peace,
it’s not with sound,
nor with mantra,
not moving round,
not even tantra.

Sure it gives you intellect
The calmness has its own effect
Just deep breathing, not for long
the brain will heal and focus strong
Calmness like in billabong.
Anger none.
First disturbance, then its gone.

We ourselves we contribute
to peace, we do, so absolute.
How we inform and realize,
how we conform or organize,
how things we note
and how we vote.

The vibrations of the light and sound
the peaceful person shines around.
Surrounding her through these vibrations
evident in every nation.

But peace can be so annoying.
With peaceful people now I am toying.
The dark side, true, is so demanding.
The greedy lacks the understanding.

A cat is not a bird.
A star is not a turd.
Judgment there must be!
Judge yourself and then be free!

Aggressive culture not to tolerate!
The peaceful else have deadly fate.

Send your peace then, when its found.
Like a drop into a pond.
Like the rings upon the surface,
or like a log
into the bog
of the warmongers orifice?

Not one can have it all.
A christian muslim can not be.
Separation is for us all.
In details you will see.

The greed for lands over the border?
Forget this greed! It is an order.
Take the peace! I have it here.
Take with ease! It is so near.

Away with all of your illusions!
See straight through your delusions!
A cup is filled drop by drop,
and every day, drip drip, drip blop.

Consider all the exponential functions!
It will flow connecting junctions.
Massive like Niagara falls.
If you just show some balls!

Money’s just another item.
Good or bad is in how you fight them.
What you worship is your God.
Weather? Fashion? Or just a cod?
Blindly worship is a crime.
Worship good! It does take time.

Worship nicely!
Worship wisely!
Your brain is bigger than this rant.
Now. What do you want?