Donald Trump has the courage for peace – America first means world peace

I believe Donald has a great official goal. America first. Every president or leader of a country should have the same, just as any human should put themself first, then all countries and all people would be taken care of properly giving their own people and themselves the right attention.

To have compassion with others, one must first find compassion for oneself.
Donald has this kind of love for himself and he also has this same kind of compassion for american children and syrian children, just like his daugther does. This is great.

For the whole to flurish there must be respect, fairness and balance between all parts.

Donald could make american society work again, putting healthy organic food on all their plates just like Vladimir did, even warning the people like Tyrone Hayes did, helping mothers and their children with a better economy too, giving children scientific education and caring for their american nature for at least 7 generations to come.

Donald could definitely become a great president helping peace, awareness and nature but he must be aware of the mindfulness state that the person giving his advice is in and what forces are influencing the advice!

Not all have high awareness of what is balanced fair and true. Some are controlled by other very short-term human emotions, and they are sometimes not so courageous as Donald … yet.

One must know that all people are NOT telling the truth, even if the emotion sometimes tells you so. But Donald knows this. He has met them and exposed them before. People might also not even have the ability to see the whole picture, even if they want to, they might not have the ability for complete understanding … yet.

Not all people have the best intentions, not all have the ability of thinking long-term, nor the best ability to think deeply in many steps … but many could have it … very soon.

To create peace one must breathe deeply, find calmness and compassion inside and also think in many steps and find deep understanding, meditation, if you wish.

One must realise Qui Bono (Who benefits) to see everything clearly. One person is thinking six months, one five years and one is thinking two hundred years ahead. What does our Donald want to leave behind for his children, for America and the world?

How will Donald be remembered? What will people say when he is in his grave one very sad day? I know it can be as “the president who created peace together with his great republicans” and a sense of joy and happiness at the memory of Donald making him live forever in our minds and our hearts.

In my opinion he should take more advise from Bashar, Vladimir and Sergey. These men also have a great energy, just like Donald. They are nationalists caring for their own country and their own people. They are very popular and courageous, just like Trump. They all have very much in common.

They should discuss and think long-term together. Definitely. Bashar might not be a conservative like Vladimir, but then again, a “conservative” in Syria has a completely different meaning of the word … still in the year 2017 …

For peace there must be courage. Donald has it. Tons of it. Therefore there can very soon be world peace even if not everyone will like this at first, but when enlightened about Donalds long-term goals, the benefit for America and all children of the world, through a courageus president like Donald, they surely will.

I believe it. Why? Well, I see courageous people every day. Do you belive it is possible?


4 thoughts on “Donald Trump has the courage for peace – America first means world peace

  1. Yes. It is and every person has potential to rise in awareness. Each and every one. I believe meditation is very very important for every leader to see the truth about all things.

  2. What about having the courage to combine all leaders policies? A bit of Wallstreet-taxing, a bit of protectionism from Trump and a bit of ecological peaceful things from the greens?


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