Meditation as a form of art – With the correct intention it can be good, beautiful, and pleasurable

“meditative experience might be called genuine art. Such art is not designed for exhibition or broadcast. Instead, it is a perpetually growing process in which we begin to appreciate our surroundings in life, whatever they may be-it doesn’t necessarily have to be good, beautiful, and pleasurable at all. The definition of art, from this point of view, is to be able to see the uniqueness of everyday experience. Every moment we might be doing the same things-brushing our teeth every day, combing out hair every day, cooking our dinner every day. But that seeming repetitiveness be-come unique every day. A kind of intimacy takes place with the daily habits that you go though and the art involved in it. That’s why is called art in everyday life.”
/Chogyam Trungpa (Source)

Applying this quote on the latests events in media is actually … art … but not a very compassionate art … This quote illustrates that what seems to be awareness sometimes is not awareness at all, not compassion at all. It is a form of estetic peace, a peace that has nothing to do with compassion or deeper thought and it has, in fact, nothing to do with real peace at all.

To find real peace we have to do the decent thing, the compassionate thing and before we do it we must deply understand the long-term consequences of it. A challenging work, my friends, but nothing else will bring real and true peace. Nothing else has the chance of being good, beautiful, and pleasurable at all.

With the right intention for peace there is new peceful thougth, new peaceful speech, new peaceful actions leading to real peace for all and also for ourselves.



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