Now – It is time for peace, living nature and happy children

I strongly believe, with evidence and experience, that we all with good intention can reach peace, compassion and understanding.

This is a scientific metaphysical experiment – If you want to be a part of this experiment do tell us!

My suggestion, as a realistic goal, is to create peace in the world within five years and balance with nature within ten years, and make all children in the future happy and have a good life.

If this experiment succeed will be evident after five years and ten years. Think for a moment about it, and then specify whether you want to participate in the experiment in the comments, or trackback/ping to us from your own blog about it!

Not everyone is motivated to participate in a political party, but most people still like the idea of peace and a healthy environment with a living nature. The idea is to use the law of attraction described in the book The Secret, which can also be seen as a scientific psychological project, in which we have a common “vision” that influence our thoughts, our words and therefore lead to new positive dreams, positive new insights and new positive action, that lead to the positive common reality that is in our common vision.

The experiment involves all trying to think positive and express themselves with positive words, such as “peace”, “balance”, “healthy”, “good”, “compassion”, “sustainability” rather than their opposites. Instead of using a less positive word we can for example. use the word “not” or “less” in front of a positive word, for example. “NOT direct peace for all Syrian children yet”.

It can be seen as applied positive psychology, visualising what we all want. This could also be seen on as a way to examine metaphysical pseudo-scientific theories in a scientific manner, or as experimental parapsychology, or as a kind of modern spiritual experience, perhaps as part of our young citizens religious studies in school?

Read more about it and get inspired in the menu!



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