Peace is coming – I put a magic spell on you and the world

Peace is coming. People are celebrating. Feel the power! Energy is flowing to the peaceful, to the compassion between people and to animals and nature in each nation. People love their families and their own people and want the best for other people too. Clever long-term compassion is strong and flowing. People choose their favourite culture by travelling, reading, experiencing and understanding.

People follow their hearts and move to the cultures that they like, guided by the heart. People respect other cultures and protect them by assimilation and bringing harmony. All races become more beutiful, healthy and strong, in different ways, adapted for local life. The understanding is strengthened. People understand what is evidence, good arguments, more true and what brings peace.

People have enough and are more satisfied with what they have. The world becomes more ecological and realxed. The rich agree to get less rich, thereby feel good and more safe. The the less rich are happy to get a more rich life and get more relaxed. The rich and the poor meet and sing and party together. Intelligence, compassion and health increases.

We live longer and happier, finding our inner call in meditation. We understand what is right long-term and we begin to act on it, giving our energy to good development everywhere. Family size become more in balance with nature everywhere. Science blends with spirituality. Belief becomes more and more true. It is magic and it is logic and it is emotionally wonderful.


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