The point of using words correctly – The Media, that is owned or controlled by the monopoly guys, is NOT “left-wing”

In order to bring peace compassion and understanding we must use words correctly. Then words will be true, will have the same meaning for everyone, and communication will start to function properly between us. This has potential to bring peace, compassion and understanding, which is the basics for real democracy. We must also call each other things that we can agree that we actually are.

So today I must correct something I feel is untrue, since I believe the man behind it actually might have honest intentions, wants to speak the truth, and obviously exposes many things he believe is untrue in his text, things that are very very reasonable for everyone to consider.

Is it true or not? – Be honest to yourselves! – TRUTH DOES NOT HURT. Only resistance hurts.

Ask yourselves: – Is the media, that is owned by the monopoly capitalists, really “left-wing“? – I think not. The whole political spectrum has moved far to the right, in most countries in the world, because of the illusion from this media, in what we might call a global tax-“race to the bottom“.

That the Democratic Natonal Congress was corrupted, and that this corruption was connected to the monopoly capitalists, who also owns much of the media, who deliberately created a black-out against the real left-winger Bernie Sanders, is evident. This behavior from this media should maybe not be called “left-wing” in any reasonable way, but simply corruption? I mean, since it is not in the real left-wing-peoples interest at all, but actually cost the Democrats the presidency.

The problem is similar in Europe. The alt-right falsely claims that everything strange in politic is “left-wing”. They sometimes even call republicans or extreme market-liberals, who are corrupted by monopoly capitalists, for “left-wing”, as if there is no alternative left, as if there is no national democratic leftist, as if there is no left that is more trustworthy, as if there is no alt-left seeing things more clearly, as if there is no more honest “left-wing”.

Well, surprise! A more honest national alt-left exists. It is there and does not deserve to be compared to the Clintons or to the lying media companies, owned by the monopoly guys. Do find the alt-left, and do ask them your questions and give them some attention! The monopoly capitalists won’t. They fear them more than anything else, and they black them out, even if they shouldn’t.

We should all have a big party together, bring out the guitar and share all natural and sustainable things, that we all can bring to the party, and talk about different ways to save us all. We could talk about saving us all from the real evident threats science agree to 100% about, such as supervolcanoes, or large asteroids, or nuclear war heads, or overpopulation, not invented threats, created by the monopoly guys, in order to reach global/imperialist power!

Take care of yourselves and everyone else, long-term!

Martin Gustavsson
Member of the Scientific party of Sweden


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