Satirical pigs – List of why you might love MSM manure & alternative media manure

Have you ever wondered why you are so drawn to dominant mainstream media manure, coming from the monopolized mainstream media? I have analyzed it a bit and might have some answers. It comes with some positive advice on what to focus on, in order to become free from the manure.

The creators of the MSM manure all seem to agree on feeding us manure.  The MSM manure is owned by, and controlled by, a few media moguls, who meet openly, but talk in secrecy at the Bilderberg Group, together with big corporations, leaders of banks and a whole bunch of leading monopoly-marketliberal politicians. This is NOT a conspiracy theory. No satire! It is very real and very undemocratic indeed.

Or let me put it in more positive words; – Why do we not seek the truth through humble scientific method, meditation and a more correct reasoning through channels that at least give us the impression of honesty and desency?

But lets be fair to this “Bilderberg Group manure”! It is not alone spreading manure. There is also alternative media manure, for example Youtube clickbaits or clickbait blog titles, and bloggers who are just as equally dominant and full of manure, lacking sources for claims, and they do make all kinds of claims. Some of these claims are not exactly pulled out of a Straberry tart, to put it mildly.

So let me put it in positive words; – Why do we not read a better alternative media, backing up claims with more reasonable sources or real analysis or investigation?

Or have you ever wondered why we cannot withstand different kinds of fallacies, or political oxymorons like “sustainable growth“, and instead be motivated to look up better people who are using proper facts and proper reasoning, in a more scientific way, people who do use scientific sources for their claims?

Picture of pigs eating manure coming from a TV. Text suggesting reasons. Mommy and daddy did it? New masters does it too? Creating emotions & is irresistible? Easy access & Steady flow? Avoiding own thought? Easy to swallow? Easy to puke on others? Satisfies curiosity comfortably? Fake sense of social life? Distracting from suffering? Perverted sadomasochism?
I believe we should all ask ourselves these question, and meditate on the possible answers. At least, it really makes me wonder when sometimes I catch myself eating the manure, laughing at myself, feeling like a little happy pig eating manure.

Picture of happy laughing pig
This happy pig illustrates my own feeling
in the moment of enlightenment.

In that moment I often find it interesting to think about it, and laugh to myself, and I also feel very motivated to ponder on what we all should do about it. What is the solution?

I mean, it might be VERY IMPORTANT to consider these questions, because it looks like quite some bunch of MSM manure propagandists are creating conflict, between men and women, races, sects, and some of them even shamelessly make propaganda for war, with words like X “has to go”, or using the word “missions” instead av “war crimes” or calling individuals “very bad people” or “Putinists” without any evidence, or not letting the defamed people answer to these claims.

Picture of a pig with hat and sunglasses
What kind of a dirty pig
does such a thing?

For me it is more reasonable to believe that we all, and coming generations, no matter local culture, benefit more from calmness, compassion, evident truth, (sometimes separation of cultures if they cause conflict) and peace.

I believe that we, with peace, much better can put focus on great things, leading us to balance with nature, like balanced population, or why not prepair better for those events science are warning humanity about, like extreme weather, supervolcanoes or near Earth objects, maybe even focus our energy on creating colonies in space, possibly being able to save many species and humanity from such extreme events?

Our motivation to find the evident truth about things might differ in each case, but if we say that we want the evident truth, and really mean it, then we should also be more motivated to focus on finding evident truth with more grit!

Are you motiveted to find more evident truth in your life? – Then I suggest:

+ Do meditation/introspection in silence in solitude!

+ Do investigate all kinds of fallacy and practice to categorize it, and inform others, when ever you discover it!

+ Do study scientific theory, rethoric, philosophy and leadership psychology!

+ Do abandon media if:

  • it’s poor in using reliable sources for claims.
  • it’s using clickbaits, not connecting title with content.
  • it’s not allowing you to contradict claims in a comment field.
  • it forces you to run non open, non free, hardware and scripts/apps/programs. Stallman explains why. (FSF, Icecat, Firefox and NoScript helps you to discover it. WordPress-blogs can be read openly and freely.)

+ Find media that is:

  • using reliable sources for claims. (News agencies ar not reliable)
  • using relevant titles connecting well with the text.
  • allowing you to contradict in a comment field.
  • working well without spying malware scripts.

So. What do you think about my suggestions of plausible reasons in the satirical pig picture, and the advice? Do you have other suggestions?

(I do not know the origin of the first satirical  pig picture. It was in my mailbox. I put some color on it and I added the text. So if you do know the origin or have some other ideas about why you watch mainstream media manure, or constantly end up amazed by crazy clickbaits on Youtube, then please do tell me your own hypothesis of your own behaviour, because I would love to listen to your thoughts and feelings, and would also love linking to the creator of the original picture!)

(This was my first post asking people in Sweden about this.)

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