[Problem solved] How can we create World Peace? – Nobel Peace Prize winner on four occasions now crowdfunds for World Peace


Since this awesome Swedish organization “Svenska Freds [meaning “Swedish Peace”] first started in 1883, they have worked to create political will and social change, for political decisions, building sustainable peace. Political willingness is the basis of many solutions in society, leading to peace – and to the better use of resources we see becoming reality in many places in the World today.

This crowdfund for World Peace really can raise awareness, influence decisions and contribute to change, bring out more facts and people in power being motivated to become peaceful. Civil society is voting in a more civilized way now.

Peace activists and human rights defenders throughout the world have done so through history and continue to do so every election. They work every, month, every week, doing important things, barely visible in the media who’s owners soon will realize the real economical benefits of peace.

Svenska Freds has been part of the Nobel Peace Prize on four occasions in history. Obviously they are going to get the fifth Nobel Peace Price if they succeed in creating WorldPeace and I believe they can take an awesome leadership and do it.

So we are talking about an experienced and effective organization with huge credibility and great leadership now asking for help to create World Peace. So spread the word and/or give a grateful amount of money to them! Thinking about the children today and in the future, in many countries, I believe this crowdfunding really do deserve our compassionate trust.

Source: https://www.kickstartworldpeace.com/?utm_term=0_a42cbf9736-64693ee398-191363033&mc_cid=64693ee398&mc_eid=ae3a62bda4

Swedish source: https://www.svenskafreds.se/upptack/fred-och-sakerhet/nu-kickstartar-vi-varldsfreden/

Personal thoughts

At first I had no clue about Svenska Freds achievements. They have been way too humble before. Typically Swedish mentality. They have been so humble that they even have hidden these important facts from me, even if they have my e-mail-address, but now suddenly their aim is perfect. World Peace. I believe we can do it.

Why now? – Is this part of the result from synchronicity from my experiment with a magical spell and the dates given in the peace project? Have people in Svenska Freds seen it and been affected by this on an aware or a subconscious level? As a scientist I find this World Peace experiment both important and interesting.

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