Creating World Peace as a Technical Account Manager at Automattic?

As the happy helpful engineer I am, initially I was just considering helping Automattic with a small user-issue, consisting of the fact that Automattic’s new WordPress editor is not working together with the add-on “Dark Background and Light text”.

Picture of bright field where it should be dark.
What is the bright field doing there?

…but since I am looking for a paid job, because donations are not arriving at a larger rate yet, I also decided to apply for a job as a Technical Account Manager, in the hope of helping awesome companies on this planet, getting the most out of the awesome WordPress-blog-tool, that I am using myself every day.

What is my experience with WordPress? – Years of blogging and using some of the widgets in, understanding the HTML in it. There can be improvements. Some things have gone backwards with WordPress, in my opinion, even if it is the best blog-system without competition, but for how long?

Since I probably am quite an enlightened person, through deep meditation, this application makes sense to me. I have actually reached the higher energy people call God and also the Maitreya-energy, of course being best friends with Buddha and Jesus too, even having empathy for the ones still stuck in what some might describe like this…

Picture of Richard Dawkins
”The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.”
/ Richard Dawkins (Source: Richard Dawkins on Wikiquote)

Now. Having compassion with that is in my opinion rare, so I thought Automattic might be interested in me who can. Multi-culture and other identities are of course a big challenge for any company these days. Rules must be made, exemplified, agreed upon, communicated to new employees and be upheld with reason and emotion, and when “reducing friction”, communicating in a way that will avoid people from going ape…

Picture of baboon with hangover
…then regretting it.

I can see the challenge with such different values, but I can also see ways forward for all of these cultures. In Islam there is the Mahdi-energy for example, but will only be accepted fully, later when Islam is destroyed almost completely.

Then “The Real Mahdi”-person is supposed to crawl up from a well that protected the new prophet from the fire, probably in Iran, or maybe in Saudi Arabia. This event has probably already been planned by the bank-mafia, just like many other events they probably are responsible for.

My idea of avoiding this, by kickstarting World Peace before it happens, is of course very proactive, even if the people, who I call upon to help me – Howdy partner! – are not responding so rapidly, as I always do myself, in order to help all humans and animals.

I always try to establish long-term relationships. What could be a better way than working for World Peace and long-term balance between all humans and all of nature, in every nation on this planet? This is what I do.

I accept that all humans are not thinking as long-term as I am, or even do not care about truth. I also know why, but still I like people of all sorts, even if they are not on my higher “Alien level” yet. I have compassion for them for the same reason as I have compassion for cats and dogs too. To be responsible and to look for truth, one must be highly energetic and able to respond, and clearly a cat or a dog can not be responsible for making World Peace Now, can they? Same with most people. They need to be fed and they need leadership.

Cats, Dogs and regular people can not suddenly take the responsibility to appear, like me, and be based in UTC-4 to UTC-7, like I am right now digitally for you who are there, now can they?

And how could a normal human being or an animal be “comfortable” with a high volume of communication and switching tasks at a moment’s notice? Clearly such stress requires the power of your supermind, superhuman, an enlightened centered human beings, accepting the crazy world as it now functions, having compassion with it, understanding it deeply, not fleetingly. Well here I am.

So how do I keep myself organized when managing multiple fast-paced projects? – I use Maitreya-meditation and principles from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Of course I am quicker than most to resolve issues that pop up, to understand them deeply and to solve them correctly, and collaborate with developers! Of course I am an expert at distilling goals and wish-lists into concrete next steps that actually will work!

Of course I am much more skilled in conflict management and resolution than most. Of course I am much more undaunted by managing risks in high stakes situations, diffusing them with verbal judo, because the first thing meditation will bring is calmness, the second is courage, the third is true compassion that can be felt and, the fourth is deeper understanding, if you are lucky enough to be able to connect the dots. I am.

I guess only World Peace could excite me more than a kick-off call to get everyone on the same page, for something else that is also awesome. WordPress is already my page and I spread the word about it. WordPress is an integral part of World Peace for me, as you can see.

If I have a “deep understanding” of the technology and platforms that WordPress run, I do not know, but I do have more knowledge than most about WordPress. This I I have evidence of.

As a mechanical engineer, with experience of sales, I am sure I will be able to communicate well with both engineers and business people effectively. I have basic knowledge of software development, making my own games as a 12-year-old in Basic, and flawless programming in Pascal in school, and some experience of HTML, but modern coding is not familiar, but as you wrote, it is not nessessary for this position.

Moderate traveling is no problem for me, especially not on a nice bicycle, a ride on a fancy sailing-boat, with skippers flown in, or an expensive Tesla from a steroid-pumped Arnold Schwarzenegger. Satire? Me? Nooo. Greta Thunberg might take offense and go viking on me. We wouldn’t want that now, would we!?

A smiling Greta Thunberg in vikning helmet, sword and holding a human skull A pissed off Greta Thunberg with the finger pointing at the establishment

I actually do not own a car. I own a bicycle just like Thunberg in Sweden. It is a very old nice foldable bike, a Brompton with three gears, easy for hitchhiking, taking on buses and trains, or just enjoying long distances in the wonderful nature of Sweden, or passing through jammed cities on it or putting it into a shopping cart, when in a  poverty damaged neighborhood . I also have a green excellent backpack, so I need no plastic bags, petrol or electricity at all when I go shopping.

I am actually a minority myself. Most of us are, in many ways.

Race: Alien life form looking like a short nosed Caucasian, possibly shaved by a Buddhist brotherhood. (Regular humans are more plentiful, also human zombies.)
Gender: Cis-Male, except when dressing up as “Martina” for laughs.
Sexual orientation: Poly-amorous and naughty bad monk, but forgiven by God, by being awesome.
Political: Patriotic, peaceful, left-wing and green. I like Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein and want them in a Rainbow coalition, where also other smaller parties and Ron Paul is invited, since he is a peaceful republican.
Religious affiliation: Direct connection with God through meditation, like Jesus.
Socioeconomic background: Working class.
Cultural background: Swedish, sexually liberated atheist and christian culture.
Geographic location: Canary Islands, Continental Africa.
Physical disabilities: Need sun or will go ape.
Physical abilities: Secret and naughty alien ability, but very nice and funny indeed.
Relationship status: Free long-term.
Veteran status: Did not cripple or murder for the bank-mafia-corrupted chicken hawks and I was not crippled by them, like so many children now asking nurses when they will get their arms and legs back.

I am very self-driven with an awesome work ethic and flexibility. I embrace change. I am a self-starter who loves taking initiative and seeing things through to completion. I always did. This time I need your help.

I did my very best to stand out for you today and make your day brighter. I hope you will also find your own voice and will inspire others to find theirs.

Best regards
Martin “Maitreya” Gustavsson



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