[Problem solved] How do we make a Merry X-mas for all children today and in the future?

Picture of Martin in funny santa hatHow do we make a Merry X-mas for all children today and in the future? The problem has been solved by one of Santas little compassionate gnomes and he tells you about it in this X-mas-video (7.7MB) that can be downloaded for free at Internet Archive, without running non-free software on your computer.

It is all about understanding positivity and motivation every day. Remember to push for World Peace and other good things a little bit every day!

Other interesting things today:

Picture of magic gnome under magic Debian-spiral and starsrUS Navy bans TikTok from mobile devices saying it’s a cybersecurity threat. Sure it is, and that is a wise choice to do by the US Navy. However, lots of programs are threats to your personal data security, and so are Windows, Android and iOS themselves. The wisest choice is to reject them all, at least until they become open and free for correction and have back doors removed, and go for open free hardware like Librem5 and/or open free GNU/Linux distributions and open free software. Merry X-mas to the good people in the US Navy making more people understand this problem.

Picture of magic gnome under magic Debian-spiral and starsrGoogle Billionaire Larry Page‘s $400 Million ‘Philanthropic Sleight of Hand’ Raises Questions About Charity Loophole. Larry can do better, but also, did not a majority of people vote for exact such kind of politicians, making such things possible for our dear Larry to do? Merry X-mas Larry! I forgive you! The one who was never greedy may cast the first stone! Just be awesome! You will be gone from this planet soon anyway, Larry, just like the rest of us. Only our reputation remains. Santas little gnome could also use a check right now, by the way.

Picture of magic gnome under magic Debian-spiral and starsrRichard H. Black (Republican senator, State of Virginia) is realizing the improbability of toppling the extremely popular democratically elected President Bashar Al-Assad, and that US intention now is to impoverish the people of Syria and to cause as much suffering as possible, in order to weaken the nation. Black wishes it was not true, and seems sad. Do not be sad because off these chickenhawks, Mr Black! Be positive and support Tulsi Gabbard instead! Santa loves Tulsi! She has been really good all year long. Santa knows who has been good or bad.

2 thoughts on “[Problem solved] How do we make a Merry X-mas for all children today and in the future?

  1. Peace compassion and understanding definetly leads to good intentions and to a very active agenda by this little gnome.

    Greed leads to faulty thinking and to shameful behaviour, Larry.

    The good news is that change is possible and it pays off in happiness and a long living awesome reputation.

    Do meditation, Larry, and you will kow that this little gnome is 100% right! Jesus has promised me that he will speak directly to you through your meditation.

    He told me that you should first focus on the lessons of sharing that he taught with the bread and the wine. Good luck, Larry!

    Don’t be a fake king, but a real peoples King, Larry! 😉

  2. Not much of a peace project from what I can see. More like political propaganda instrument. Shame on you.


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