#DemExit – What about a left-green coalition?

Through a leftist party in Sweden I read about #DemExit: Time to Launch a New Party Of, By, and For Working People. I agree with the idea of a new leftist party. The people of the USA should only accept peaceful leftist “democrats” in its own party, who do believe in peace and more equality. Not only the green movement could be attracted, if playing the cards right.

My advice, when making a new party, is to create a balanced kind of left-green-Jesus-Buddha-like coalition and NOT to focus directly on controversial issues, other than peace for all children in our world, more equality and ecological sustainability, and let issues that are known to repel many conservative voters instead be expressed individually and less outspoken for the parties within the coalition, such as LGBTQ, abortion, migration, the wall and climate, issues that are known to repel many potential voters who are skeptical, often with good reason or just from a natural feeling, or both.

I also believe that Tulsi Gabbard should be persuaded to lead it. Why? – I feel she has the courage, the calmness, the balance, the edge and the charisma for the job. I can see that she is a woman of color, but still probably can attract many white male voters from the republicans and within the military.

Gabbard is young and full of energy too, very much needed for the job. She has been attacked by Wall street’s own queen of chaos with stupidity too, and responded well. I think she should be able to create a oneness in harmony within such a coalition, and also last a very long time.

Also consider the innocent children in meditation like Jesus and Buddha! Let the children have food and medicine in our world and let them keep their legs and arms! Peace and compassion!



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