Dear New Crew Member

Picture of admin with trekkie suit
The Captain of The World Peace blog

I am Martin Gustavsson, the Captain of this blog. I hope you feel relaxed and happy today.

I am not only a Star trek fan with a sense of humor, who loves masquerades on holodeck. I also believe we must all work positively and constructively where we can be most useful for the next generation and for x generations too, just like i believe Jean-Luc Picard of the star ship USS Enterprise and many more of us believe. And that is why I am also the serious administrator of The World Peace Project, The Scientific Party of Sweden, a red-green coalition for Peace and Democracy in Sweden and a local political communal party in Växjö.

Picture of Tulsi Gabbard
Peaceful Tulsi Gabbard
I believe in peace. And that is why I meditate like Jesus of Nazareth and Siddhartha Gautama Buddha and can recommend meditation to you as well. I am also very surprised that so many citizens of the USA did vote for the queen of chaos before, and did not vote for the queen of world peace, Tulsi Gabbard. What were you thinking of? All you citizens of the USA had the chance. What were you thinking of?

I believe in ecological sustainability, fair level of equality between all humans in every nation, because of scientific reports of the benefits for all. I believe in secularism, balanced population and democracy, for all who has reached a certain level of knowledge, I also believe in neuroscience, in order to make good use of all individuals in society, because we are all different.

Because of scientific progress the last centuries many of us are today aware of things that many prophets probably were not aware of, like theories of current and previous extinction events, the mathematics of exponential function and the disaster of absurd economical growth, and absurd population growth, for any wild life in any nation. Many of us are also aware of a fairly good examples of possible solutions, like Tikopia. And that is why I am in favor of strict social controls over reproduction in any finite system with finite resources, like any planet.

I am also in favor of more intelligent humanoids, in order for all to fully comprehend the importance of giving all species a natural habitat with compassion. And that is why I am in favor of modern eugenics too, in order to raise levels of understanding and increase the probabilities of a happy healthy life for a large proportion of all children.

Three moral questions are:

  1. Would you like to be born intelligent and healthy? – I would.
  2. Would you make health and intelligence happen to yourself or anyone else if you could? – I would.
  3. Would you kill yourself or any other person for not being perfect? – I would not.

I believe in storing seeds, survivalism, asteroid mining for construction in space. I believe it is clever work persistently to create permanent life in space for many of us, in case of an erupting supervulcano, nuclear war, asteroid impact or a supernova.

What do you believe in and why do you believe in it?

/ Your Captain, your student and your teacher


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