Threat of new backdoors on iPhones, Android phones and WhatsApp?

As if it’s not already happening, the Senate Judiciary and Intelligence Committees in the US have chosen to try to effectively outlaw encryption, by forcing developers to add backdoors on our devices. I believe they have already put it there, maybe even in the hardware.

I believe iPhones, Android phones, WhatsApp, and other popular technologies are affected, and I believe it is not at all illegal for them to do it under military intelligence operations. In fact they are not allowed to tell, even if they wanted to. Are more stuff affected, even “open free hardware” that has been tampered with? Possibly.

So one might say, all who switch from proprietary hardware and software, to open and free, will MAYBE earn encryption with LESS LIKELIHOOD of backdoors.

BUT remember that nobody can pull down the pants on someone already doing the blue moon singing Marcels version of the ballad, “Blue Moon” that began with the bass singer saying, “bomp-baba-bomp” and “dip-da-dip”!

…or can they grab you by the balls?

Is that why soime people decide not to have any computer? Big Brother has allowed himself to hack, install legalized backdoors, and they have been manipulating content. So what happens if they use the backdoors to put illegal stuff on peoples computers?

Well… Anyone with enough hacker skills and access to the backdoors could have put it there… That is now obvious.

More about it!

Thanks for telling goes to Dana Morgenstein @ FSF :


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