Responding critically to Fokumlah S. Nchungong’s blogpost on Linneaus in Newsvoice

In response to: Fokumlah S. Nchungong: Is institutionalized racism still a norm in Sweden?

I must partly agree with you, Fokumlah, when it comes to unemployment and segregated labour market. How did it happen? Obomba’s Killary’s & Nato’s wars, mass-migration and EU-membership created the problem. The solution is to vote for cooperating new parties taking us out of the unions, maybe create other co-operations (not unions) and lower the working hours, but also denying permits for the ones not fitting in into national culture, of course.

Different ways of treating students in different nations does not imply racism from anyone, and do consider the feelings of the vegans knowing that animals were slaughtered for them because of their arrival! Horrible for them and NOT a “privilege”.

In my opinion very few Swedish individuals are racists, and Linnaeus was probably not a racist. I did not find evidence of any cruel Sami experiments by Linnaeus, but please do provide it, if you have it! I did find this:

“In an 2008 essay published by the Linnean Society of London, Marie-Christine Skuncke interpreted Linnaeus’ statements as reflecting a view that “Europeans’ superiority resides in “culture”, and that the decisive factor in Linnaeus’ taxa was “culture”, not race. Thus, regarding this topic, they consider Linnaeus’ view as merely “eurocentric”, arguing that Linnaeus never called for racist action, and did not use the word ‘race'”… Source:

Racism is often a temporary mental condition, in my opinion. Having racist feelings is, in my opinion, a result of real life events combined with the fact that we all react differently, because of different events, level of education, hormones, sun, nutrition and personalities. Here more from an expert on Neuroscience and Nationalism by Tara Swart at TEDxLSE

I have myself experienced racist feelings in Sweden and abroad, when mistreated by individuals with foreign heritage, and I experienced “culture shock” in India and Australia, but had warm feelings for the positive Buddhists in South East Asia, and then again got culture shock coming back to the very negative Sweden, wishing to get away from it. My feelings were probably a result of events and hormones. Meditation helped me to understand my own feelings better.

We should, in my opinion, all meditate on the root cause of our problems and try to see the evident truth, in order to be motivated to solve our problems with compassion for all, because everybody’s happiness matter, at least for me.

Picture of Car LinnaeusAre “Europeanus” more civilized than other “races”, as Linnaeus seems to suggest? I do not think so, and I am sure Linnaeus would agree with me if he was alive. In my opinion far too many humans, not only “Europeanus”, are supporting mass murder, secterism and economism, instead of organizing well, creating peaceful rainbow coalitions and voting for world peace, balance with nature, equality and protecting civilization, wich would be “civilized” in the true sense of the word.

Since humans do not do the civilized thing in any large numbers, but seems willing to destroy their own resources, countries and environment, being secteristic and short term greedy, they are clearly not civilized.

King Gustav III of Sweden got Saint Barthélemy 1784 from France. The island had a population of 739. Of these islanders 281 were black slaves. Source:

Are Swedish people, white as lilies, of today guilty of slavery/inequality created by the French given to a Swedish king? – No. Are ancestors of African slave traders, dark as dark chocolate, guilty? – No. Finally. Did not democracy abolish slavery and create more equality all over the place, until democracy was undermined by the military industrial complex and its mainstream media manure? Who, in reality, is in favour of dictatorship and inequality/slavery today? – Only morons watching mainstream media manure, of course.

Football and soccer are fun games, but it is also a way to distract people from what is really important. It is a diversion through mainstream media manure, but only an idiot would call anyone an “ape” or wanting to castrate him for making a mistake in this quite unimportant activity. If you know it is a distraction and you still watch it, then what are you? Truth does not hurt.

Immediate psychological assistance and rapid integration was the policy of Sweden until about 1984, before “Mord i Stockholm, vem sköt Olof Palme? – Det förbjudna spåret”.

Since that event another regime has taken over. It wants to bomb other races to the stone age, have other races die by drowning them in the Mediterranean sea, and have them die from low vitamin D-levels in sun deprived northern countries. The people voting for it are of course immoral and criminal too, even if it is a media-induced mass-psychosis.

Who owns the media? Check it out, Fokumlah! What they have in common is narcissism, shallowness, psychopathy, not race, not culture, except economism. They feed on conflict. They feed on black lives matter  (BLM). They create this conflict, not unity between all of us, and your article is obviously trying to create conflict, and that is why I felt it was important to disagree openly with most of the things that you claim.

I do however think you are mislead by Americanized bad media-presstitutes, Fokumlah, NOT evil. I do believe you want peace, compassion and understanding. I challenge you to rise up for World Peace and political parties for World Peace!

More relevant: (Swedish)


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