False Safety – Signal Messenger and Telegram Messenger – Why should peace activists use them and why should we trust them?

It is a small step in the right direction to have the intention of anonymity and privacy with P2P, through the alternatives Signal Messenger and Telegram Messenger, instead of directly giving all your data to Facebook’s Whatsapp. It is a sign of trying to understand something important, for democracy beginning to be more repressive, and it is a very good try, but your right to anonymity is probably not as safe as you might think.

Why? Well, unfortunately Signal Messenger and Telegram Messenger makes people register a phone number, and that is not OK, since it compromises anonymity. Phone numbers can always be triangulated.

There is a good reason Richard Stallman and many in the FSF.org does not use a mobile phone at all. So consequently you cannot communicate with the most logical emotionally sane people with excellent digital character through Signal Messenger and Telegram Messenger.

I also noticed that the source code for Signal Messenger could be malware, since the source code does not function with the files from the regular repository in Linux Mint and FORCE YOU to use another non-free device (where your sim-card is located) if you want to use it. Only a fool would consider that safe and still when people use non safe operating systems, anonymity is of course a joke.

Even the much safer Linux is not 100% safe, since nothing is 100% safe, even if that is a step in the right direction, but downloading any messenger on a non-free hardware, installed with unknown pre-installed Android-OS from monopolistic companies in Korea or China, is of course not safe.

So. In my opinion we should all go in the Librem5 direction GNUPG and/or a dedicated trusted computer voting device, and use 100% open free communication tools and probably we should not even install a sim-card or allow the javascript-trap at all in them.

False safety is much worse than known unsafe communication.

And by the way. Remember that the military industrial complex hates peaceful demonstrations, rainbow coalitions for peace and peaceful leaders more than anything! So even if you want to be an activist, always work for peace and try your best to stop violence! The greedy globalist bank mafia hates that you are motivated to do that.

The greedy bank mafia hates borders, creating ecological sustainability and local functioning democratic states with good preparedness and they love free trade, sectarianism and multiculturalism, undermining it, since they all create conflict.

So do not be fooled by them! Be scientific, be in favor of secularism and create unity! Then you will be loved by a majority and by the police, who most often are very brave and compassionate and want the best for their society too, but might be mislead by people throwing stones.

Policemen who are sadistic and loves extreme violence are a mentally sick exception and must of course loose their jobs, just like activists who destroy peaceful demonstrations with stones, must be stopped in advance, or be handed over to the police, or be convinced to seek help in mental institutions.



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