Job seekers – The systematic computer crime and treason against users in all nations

In my opinion, there are several different things going on that abuse job seekers in all the nations of the world. It is so serious that it possibly can be called treason.

Whats up

1. People are forced to use database systems in order for people to be able to look for work. It is not possible to look for work without these databases being involved.

2. Those looking for work are forced to fill in database after database, which means that they look for fewer jobs, are forced into monotonous unpaid work and become depressed, which can contribute to an increased suicide rate.

3. Those who submit to the completion of these databases are forced to run scripts on their computers when filling them out. They do not function together with programs that block scripts, which protect the user.

4. The databases are not owned by security-approved citizens.

5. Who has control over the databases, or access to them, is unknown.

6. It is not me as a user who gives anyone opportunity, ex. by giving them a temporary code key, to read this data. The databases seem to be completely open to the recruitment companies’ employees.

7. The code running on people’s computers has not been reviewed by independent programmers.

8. The companies that collect data can be in collaboration with foreign companies that collect data and possibly exchange data with each other without the user’s consent.

What is needed?

1. There should be national government databases in which only security-approved citizens may have access.

2. One should not be forced or feel compelled to use national government databases in order to seek employment. All employers should encourage people to also be able to apply in other ways, e.g. via encrypted e-mail or via ordinary ordinary letter.

3. When entering the database, the unknown unencrypted code shall not be required to run on the user’s computer.

4. All databases should be encrypted so that the person who owns the data can choose who can access the data and for how long, e.g. in that each application is encrypted with different keys and can be re-encrypted by the user himself when he so wishes. So that those who request access to data must always ask the user for permission.

4. It shall not be permitted to cut and paste data out of the databases of those who view them except for the user himself.

5. The databases should not be run on operating systems based on unknown non-free code.

6. The databases should not be run on unknown free hardware.

7. National encrypted email systems should be provided to all citizens and they should be encouraged to use them and get help to get started with them.

8. The code running on the user’s computer should always be open and free, i.e. be audited by several independent programmers.

I have tried to report this issue to the Computer inspection in Sweden “Datainspektionen” but scripts makes it impossible.


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