Vaccines & Covid-19 – Letter to Walter Veith & Martin Smith

Hi Walter & Martin!

I meditated on the life of the prince of peace, Jesus. It had a great impact on my focus and character. Still I am scientific, so I really enjoyed your 95% scientific show (Walter Veith & Martin Smith – Vaccines & The Mark – What’s Up Prof? 27 that I downloaded with Video Downloader in GNU/Linux in order to avoid non-open non-free scripts from “The Beast”) I also love how clear you are with excellent English.

You might be right about what is happening and that it might be people “playing God” … or just believing they are powerful and are doing what they believe is the good thing. Who knows?

I personally believe this has to do with morals in the “trolley problem” and a will to preserve nature “The Creation” for future generations, since uncivilized humanity today, because of its growing population numbers and consumption levels, are destroying God’s creation at an unnatural exponential acceleration.

It might be that they have decided to stop this, motivated by a will to help God and his creation? You seem to want uncivilized human behavior to continue. I ask myself: – Why?

Best Regards
Martin Gustavsson
Vetenskapliga partiet & Valsamverkanspartiet &
Växjöpartiet & Peace Compassion Understanding

PS. I could not find the video on your blog, so I link to another matter you bring up, Black Lives Matter, just to send you a ping.


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