Interview with electrical engineer Jose from Guatemala about sustainable energy

At the awesome site, leading to openness and freedom om the Internet, with potential to lead to World Peace, I have uploaded an interesting interview with Jose about sustainable energy.

Picture of Martin and Jose

The interview about sustainable energy took place in Sweden, close to the Linnaeus University at the lake Trummen. Of course you can download the video or sound file and use it anyway you like (CC0) without running unknown non-free scripts on your computer, because we try our best to be awesome.

Picture of Car LinnaeusP.S. Carl Linnaeus was a great botanical scientist who had no slaves, living in another time with other taboos, who probably would love our talk. However, some islamists studying at Linnaeus university (from a culture still having problems with overpopulation, war, desertification, sustainability and slavery), strangely seem to forget this and gladly put on a symbol that is an oppression for so many girls and women in our world. For me this is quite bizarre, when they could take it off any time they like in Sweden and do something descent, like work for World Peace with the rest of us. Just do that! Be awesome!



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