Child rape motivated by a sect – A reason to be compassionate and kind with money or time

Some times I do NOT feel very much compassion for people, because they are usually morons putting themselves in their own misery, and that is the case for most people in all kinds of misery, but when intelligent people try to bring themselves out of their own misery in a very intelligent way, and at the same time morons stop them from doing so, then it is another thing. Then I feel real compassion.

And that is why I want to help by giving attention to Joelia and Population Matters today.

Joelia, who is a sexual assault survivor (at least I hope she will survive) was forcibly married as a child, to her “husband” (child rapist? Illegal child marriage?). Joelia wanted to protect her own children and her family from the misery that all overpopulation causes, by using a contraceptive implant.

Because of this she was allegedly beaten violently by her “husband” AND his male s.c. “friends”, since the “husband”obviously was too old, fragile or sensitive to beat and torture her by himself. Together they allegedly cut the implant out of Joelia’s arm, so Joelia had to spend two weeks in hospital.

This story is particularly sad to me because Joelia was using her intelligence, while her husband/rapist and his “friends”, and maybe the leaders of such a culture/sect, probably are not using their own intelligence, but are probably submitting blindly to a very unintelligent kind of sect. 

Such forms of sects should definitely be forbidden, IF we want to sustain the s.c. “Gods creation” and a happy natural life for all in it, NOT turning everything into overpopulation and its consequence, namely scarce desert.

If you are at the bottom of society already, because of capitalism, its unemployment, its low wages and its resulting inequality, like I am, I do not expect you to do anything for Joelia, except take yourself out of your own misery, by understanding its root cause, preferably in meditation, and just try to be a part of the solution, with the power that you actually have.

But If you have shitloads of money, then do at least give some of these to one of the most intelligent causes I have ever seen! Or at least put it in your will!

If you are poor, then just give the cause, some attention in an open free WordPress-blog, or on your social media-account (owned by monopoly capitalists), or tell your friends about it in real life!

Another great thing is of course to support a scientific political party, trying its best to solve these stupid sect problems, because political parties in power will have shitloads of money at their disposal. Scientific people, in control of that money, might not only solve Joelia’s problem, but maybe also humanity’s problem and probably also some of your own problems linked to politics.


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