Truth – Karin Volo – It’s about the love we can share

I stumbled across a Swedish interview with Karin Volo. Karin is a person who suffered in jail without trial in the USA, separated from her daughters. To cope she did yoga in jail and became like a teacher for the other women in there. Karin has a fantastic personality and a very supportive and decent husband.

I am looking at Karin’s 17 Steps to Surviving The Great Awakening and it is really wonderful to read it, since we both have the same goal. Do read her blog! I am now writing this to her.

Karin, you tells us to avoid mainstream news and that we should begin talking with each other and other people. I agree. This is one of the best things we can do. Just get out there and start conversations! I have done it in many ways, on inlines, padded with hockey equipment, and also dressed in Santa-hat. Comment-fields in WordPress-blogs and phpBB-forums are also a great place to meet other souls, since the programs running them are based on open free software. I hope you like to be quoted:

Bild på Karin Volo“What I see out there is that the majority of the people are sick and tired of war, hate, anger, etc. Most people want to live in peace. We are connecting more and more globally and realizing that people can be different and still live in peace!”
/Karin Volo

“I truly hope we are learning to come together as ONE, that we come from a place of love and compassion, and that we take a stand against what I would definitely consider an evil force on this planet. ” … “The bottom line is that we are all in this together. Let’s work together to make our world an incredible and beautiful place!”
/Karin Volo

In your own journey and pursuit of truth, Karin, you have gone through much information, trying to understand what is actually true. This is excellent. I have had this naturally since birth, and I guess many do, but after I read a quote by Bertrand Russel I did ask myself how I could tell truth from lies. This was the quote that got me started down a very interesting path:

bertrand_russel_80x80”One of the chief obstacles to intelligence is credulity, and credulity could be enormously diminished by instructions as to the prevalent forms of mendacity. Credulity is a greater evil in the present day than it ever was before, because, owing to the growth of education, it is much easier than it used to be to spread misinformation, and, owing to democracy, the spread of misinformation is more important than in former times to the holders of power.”
/ Bertrand Russell

This quote finally lead to this analysis of how to separate evident truth from evident lies (in Swedish) a page i always come back to in my quest for truth. I would love if you did something great with it, Karin, maybe an American bestseller? Anyway. I want to comment Karin’s 17 Steps to Surviving The Great Awakening

  1. Know that there is a much bigger divine plan at work—this goes far beyond the physical plane.

    – After much meditation I do have a similar feeling. I feel the awakening of this superior divine inside must be awakened. Yoga is a great way. Meditation, Cognitive behavioral therapy and Introspecion are other ways.

  2. Remember the good guys win! Keep your hope strong!

    – Mahatma Gandhi and I myself are both of the same opinion as you, and the imperialists did loose in India, and the Indians did liberate themselves, so a good guy did really win there.

    mahatma_gandhi_80x80”When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall — think of it, ALWAYS.”
    / Mahatma Gandhi

    I am not surprised he won. He was awesome, like you are. I am more surprised with the people volunteering to be the cowards and sign up to be the living dead.

  3. Divided we fall, united we win. Their worst fear is for us to figure out the truth. Love your fellow humans and have compassion for those who are most lost in the lies. Stick together in the pursuit of truth!

    – I agree with you Karin even if so many lack the ability to unite and the word love sometimes confuse passion with compassion. I love you compassionately, Karin and I hope you love your husband passionately!

  4. The Truth will set us free! As hard as it may be accept some of this, we must collectively be aware of the atrocities in order to heal the world.

    – I do agree, and that is why I think it is awesome that you tell your story with such calmness, courage and compassion.

  5. There are many more victims than perpetrators and they need our help. And many of the perpetrators were raised in this horrible environment—some may be saved, many cannot. There is also a huge number that have been blackmailed and controlled—thinking there was no way out.

    –  I agree. Victims do need our help, but let me give you this advice! You can only help people who really want help. You can help short-term but always remember to keep your focus on the long-term help. This can be a big challenge, since it requires the ability to think correctly in many steps. Help for the blackmailed lies in the calmness of meditation. In calmness comes courage and this will show you the way.

  6. Take time to find your balance – when you read some of the awful shit that has been going on, take it in small doses and then reconnect to what is important in your life—the love of your family, friends, the beauty of nature, etc.

    – I agree, but if someone lives with the ungrateful of given compassion then they must find a new family and new friends! Same with nature. It can be harsh and it can be friendly to us.

  7. You’re going to have to unlearn–and relearn–probably most of what you think is true now. Be open-minded and question everything. Learn to trust your own instincts and discernment.

    – I agree. I warn people of a shorter period of cognitive dissonance that will pass. After this tough episode things will begin to flow and you will never regret it. We can help people to succeed with basic knowledge, but the hard work is personal.

  8. The whole world has been lied to and manipulated—not for the good of humanity but for the good of the elite—you’ve been playing a fixed game that hasn’t been in your favor! And unfortunately we’ve trusted those who were doing the most harm!

    – True. The game is rigged. George Carlin says it well in “the American Dream, even if he lacks the second ability, that is to imagine the solution, then really want the solution and then to act on the solution. In my opinion this is what separates people with soul from the ones lacking it.

  9.  Remember that 99.999% of humanity is GOOD! We all want love, peace, joy and abundance.

    – Well. Happy to wake you up Karin once more. It seems like some people rather want high murder frequency, rather want hate, rather want to vote in order to create starving children, rather want war crimes, rather want land theft, rather want to remove children’s limbs and rather are without solidarity, wanting nothing for some and everything for themselves. The candidates they support and vote for are both chicken-hawks in the Democrats and in the Republicans. People voting for them are not “GOOD”, even if they all have potential to be, and they are many. But be awake Karin! They are not yet good people.

  10.  Only .001% are the psychopaths who have been in control of the world’s systems. That is changing as you read this!

    – According to the definition of a psychopath they are about 1% of the general population, however they often can succeed legally in society, with parents and a society that are awake, observant and correcting, but one must NOT be naive. They can be very dangerous without good leadership and a society that encourages psychopathy.

  11.  There’s going to be a LOT of chaos as the systems fall. This is a necessary part of the process…

    – You are probably right, unless people make a democratic revolution and the plutocrats accept, but why would they accept that?

  12.  And there’s a HUGE amount of opportunity to help build a new world! Think about your passions and how you can contribute to making the world a better place!

    – I agree. Is there any better way to be an important person than to contribute to nature and humanity in a passionate way?

  13.  Once the bad guys have been rounded up and stopped, we’re going to enter into a time of a great renaissance!

    – It has happened before, so I can believe it can happen again.

  14.  Detox your body, your mind, and your environment to the best of your ability. Stop eating poison. Stop watching TV. Get off constant social media. Get out in nature. Connect in person with friends and loved ones. Do things you love!

    – I was busy trying to become friends with myself for a very long time in meditation. Now I really do love myself. It was difficult at first, since I thought I did not deserve to be happy. Now when I do good things, I know that I deserve happiness. I now believe I should lead Sweden and maybe the entire Mother Earth and I have good evidence that I am very reasonable when believing this.

  15.  Keep your own energy and feelings high. Finding peace in your world helps to create peace in everyone’s world. Focus on love and peace.

    – Love and Peace are very important legs of a standing table. Your search for truth in order to understand is the third leg. One of these three legs, peace compassion and understanding, can only really support a standing table with the other two. This is evident, so keep the table standing strong on three strong legs!

  16.  Visualize peace on Earth! Our minds and imagination are our most powerful tools! Let’s use them collectively for good!

    Yes I do visualize peace on Earth. I love you, Karin! Yes. Let’s do it! I want you to be a candidate for The Scientific party of Sweden. I do not know your friends or husband, but if they are just half as aware as you are, then they are also welcome!

  17. We’ve all chosen to be alive at this time! So embrace the global shift and do your part to help in whatever ways you feel called to. We are all a part of this Great Awakening!

    – I am not sure if I did choose it. In a deep meditation once I did see myself floating dead in space in a black space suit, quite unhappy with it, but since I am not planning to commit suicide any time soon, I guess it is actually true. Yes. I choose to be alive. I feel I am doing my part. I see you are doing great too. Live long and prosper, Karin! You are a beautiful person. Do have many children!



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