Critique – United People Foundation (UPF), a non-profit foundation for World Peace

I have already made many World Peace initiatives and direct democracy initiatives, and some other people have made many others. Today I lead this blog and the Scientific Party of Sweden “Vetenskapliga partiet“.

What The United People Foundation (UPF) is doing is very nice and can really have a big impact, so I am biased in my confirmation that their idea is very good. I also see private banks as a big problem, especially when they are controlling politics, not the other way around.

However, In my opinion, the video “Ronald Bernard – Declaration of Peace explained – Subs included” is contradicting the movement’s goals :

“UPF is aware that political initiatives are needed to change legislation so that democracy can function better” Source:

…and I believe the awareness in the quote is very true, so I guess Bernad should change the video. Democracy do need peaceful political parties going into coallition in order to take peaceful power, AND we need people who vote for them, and people who will switch party when one is infiltrated and corrupted by banks and mediamoguls, and people who understand that peace and real direct democracy has to be defended from warmongers, just like the Swiss do.

We do need a defensive modern peoples army in every nation, otherwise we are not very likely to succeed against the warmongering bankers.

Secondly. If some believe in an abundant cornucopia, then I must inform them that archeology, biology, agricultural science and matematics speaks against them with evidence and proof. Growth leads to environmental degradation, starvation, conflict and war and that will NOT be abundance and World Peace, like 99% of us want, or even 100% want.

Thirdly: Can I read and then sign The Declaration of World Peace on a plattform of the people, by the people and for the people, like for example The Internet Archive or the or similar? If not, then why not? And why do you not stay away from warmonger owned platforms? How is that going to lead to real democracy and World Peace?


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