Music Video – The Peace Day (24 January 2021) – International Peace Bureau & Noam Chomsky

This year, the Online World Social Forum 2021 will host a day dedicated to Peace, Geopolitics, Militarization, Migration, and War. International Peace Bureau (IPB) and partners have played a central role in preparing the activities for this day. Join us all for one event, or several, all day long!

This music video is the video of the year and the text makes even the German language sound peaceful and beautiful (well, except when the ballad gets rocky in the middle):

A quote from the text:

“They will not march as a member in line
Not keep up, not fight until the end
Freeze to death in a godforsaken field
While you sit in soft pillows!
To protect the children against all dangers
That‘s my damned father duty
And that also means to save them from you!”

“Sie werden nicht in Reih’ und Glied marschieren
Nicht durchhalten, nicht kämpfen bis zuletzt
Auf einem gottverlass’nen Feld erfrieren
Während ihr euch in weiche Kissen setzt!
Die Kinder schützen vor allen Gefahren
Ist doch meine verdammte Vaterpflicht
Und das heißt auch, sie vor euch zu bewahren!”

The last sentence is very interesting indeed. And it is true. We do unfortunately have to save our children from most people who sit in soft pillows in front of the media and vote for the warmongers, when they could vote for the peaceful.

However, I disagree with Noam Chomsky about free trade, on ecologically sustainable grounds and because of preparedness reasons, so I actually agree with Donald Trump on the tariff-issue. Tariffs are probably beneficial long-term for any nation imposing them for the correct reason.

A good reason could for example be to punish pollution and nuclear weapons, until nations having them are forced to become ecologically sustainable and want to disarm weapons of mass destruction. After mutual assured disarmament they could be rewarded and part of The World Peace Movement. An economical whip and carrot for World Peace!

However Chomsky, Yoko Ono Lennon, myself and a majority of all humans still agree with:

Picture of John lennon with helmet and white peace dove“All we are saying is give peace a chance”
/Lohn Lennon

…even if we do say some more things of less importance…






Here is my own video for World Peace:


More interesting:
Imagine peace Tower

“It’s Time for Action.
The Action is PEACE
Think PEACE, Act PEACE, Spread PEACE
/Yoko Ono Lennon Source:

One thought on “Music Video – The Peace Day (24 January 2021) – International Peace Bureau & Noam Chomsky

  1. Letter to Yoko Ono Lennon from me:

    Hi Yoko and everyone supporting The Imagine Peace Tower and World Peace!

    I am thankful for all of your efforts. You are very important. Much more important than you might think.

    I have often enjoyed the song Imagine, but it is the first time I hear about The Imagine Peace Tower in Reykjavík. This thanks to The International Peace Bureau and Noam Chomsky. I am very grateful to hear about it now.

    I wish we will achieve a long-lasting World Peace and that all media would give World Peace more attention.

    Furthermore, I wish for peaceful candidates and parties, and for people’s higher awareness when choosing media and when voting.

    I also wish you all the best. You deserve it, and if you do not think so, then try even harder to deserve it, and you are directly forgiven from the God who resides in all of us and knows when we have been good or bad! It is a collective conscience, and it is very powerful. Work with it!

    I also wish you will use the song Imagine repetitively everywhere! It is very powerful song. Imagining such nice things is a very sensitive thing for the elite, because they earn money on war and conflict.

    You are special and very important to me. I need you. The World needs you. Future generations need you.

    12 hugs from the heart against your heart.
    Martin Gustavsson
    Vetenskapliga partiet & Valsamverkanspartiet &
    Växjöpartiet & Peace Compassion Understanding

    Sent with ProtonMail Secure Email.


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