Covid19 – Get peace of mind and increase your probability of survival

If you want to be a SURVIVOR, then I do believe you need to listen to THIS BITCHUTE VIDEO. Increased understanding and peace of mind will also make you more relaxed, reducing your stress levels, probably increasing your survival rate even more.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, an osteopathic physician, and Dr. Richard Fleming, a 20 year practicing Cardiologist, talks about the science behind vaccination and treatments, and why doctors themselves should make decisions, not politicians. Flemming also gives you evidence of what kind of treatments have been successful, and what not. Treatments for Covid-19 are actually superb now. Vaccines might not be, and Fleming explains why.

They also suggest you bring Fleming’s yellow paper (shown @1hour2min in the video) to your own doctor in case you get symptoms, since all doctors do not have the critical knowledge presented in this video and on this paper. Doing this will probably increase chances of treatment based on good evidence for yourself.

Fleming also comments on the probability of both HIV-DNA and Rabies-DNA getting into the same virus. This is highly medical and a very eye-opening conversation. If the body of the video is too medical in language for you, then make sure you listen to the last 10-15 minutes for the summary!

And if you want to avoid getting or spreading the virus, then do consider this Japaneese study and get a HEPA-mask that actually filters viruses effectively both for yourself and for your patients! And do wash hands and keep distance, as well! That is the compassionate thing to do.The Poem of of Ole Dammegård in a very nice art


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