Andy Yen: “Think your E-mail’s private? Think again”

Andy Yen in a TED talk, encouraging us all to “think again”

I believe Andy Yen is right about integrity and democracy and I would like to extend this issue to the one Richard Stallman and are bringing up, because today we all have to trust the Protonmail-script owned by Proton Technologies AG, a Swiss technology company. Still, I would not be surprised if Protonmail soon has brought us right up there, like 8×8 did with The Awesome Jitsi, even if encryption is not working yet. (Could it be done in some kind of low resolution half-duplex?)

Imagine an open free downloadable encrypted Protonmail-app, right there next to all other open free software in the Ubuntu repositories, everything encrypted by default, AND encouraging people to use open free operating systems as well, and in the long run also encouraging people to use open free hardware like Purism and open free currencies like GNU Taler and also support decent banks, only funding good things, things that makes nature come into balance with human population and children to keep their arms and legs and nations to keep their land according to UN resolutions. Then you would be imagining World Peace. I am sure.

And good news. We will be going in the direction of  integrity and democracy in the future. I am sure, because with our help, people are motivated to break free from proprietary software, and if enough people motivate each other to stop the steal of democracy and of data, then we will all be free. We can all be powerful with sentences like this:

– If you are my friend, and if my integrity and our democracy is important to you, then you will..”

Some of you might ask, what guarantee is there that Andy Yen and his scientists in Switzerland will not sell out in the future, under pressure from one of the deadly 7 seven sins or even just lack of courage in the face of fear, smear or misguided patriotism to the oligarchs in their own countries? None of course, so let me quote Andy again:

“think again”

And why is sending encryption keys over the internet safe in any kind way, now with man in the middle attacks? I do not understand. Why not exchange encryption keys IRL with your friends instead?

So Andy and the rest of hackers! Keep thinking again and again, and do listen to The  Free Software Song and Imagine Peace, because whatever different ideas we believe in, here is a very good “advice to a newborn baby” and to all of us from Tage Danielsson.



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