62% Of Americans Want A Third Party

Finally, the citizens of the USA (62%) has had enough of the corrupted 1%. People in The People’s Party are leading the way. I feel World Peace is coming. Hope this will inspire people in Sweden to cooperate against the monopoly guys as well. Here Jimmys Dores homepage, in case the elite decides to shut him down for uniting the people against them.

I have talked about rainbow cooperations, similar to this one, for a long time (so far to deaf ears in Sweden). Could not imagine it would happen in the USA so soon. All citizens of the USA should be really proud of this event. It seems World Peace might happen very soon. Awesome!

I do however see some things in the program that will scare of large portions of the majority, for almost no reason at all, possibly planted there by agents of the monopoly capital. Things that will scare off the more conservative part of the voters. Can you spot it? Have you learned anything from Putin’s tactics? How do you get the conservative population on your side? Give your comments below!


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