Censorship – Facebook blocks scientist linking to peer reviewed research

The Swedish scientist Ralf Sundberg has been censored by Facebook for stating evident truth, linking to peer reviewed research, according to himself in this video from SwebbTV (in Swedish). Another video with Ralf Sundberg in English about the LCHF-diet be found here.

We should ask ourselves why Sundberg was censored! I believe the answer is quite simple. The monopoly capitalists owns and controls the proprietary Facebook platform, and they make less money on flu shots and meaningless PCR-tests and meaningless Covid19-passports if people just get their vitamin D every winter, either in pills or by UVB-rays, and use HEPA-filters to protect themselves and sensitive people. (Filters that actually filters out viruses pretty good 99.95% of particles bigger than 0.3 micrometers) And if very few individuals die there is of course no reason for panic, plandemic or pandemic with lockdowns causing huge amounts of suffering and death.

All media and media figures blocking such vital information, from scientists with competence, are very likely to be a part of the ongoing totalitarian mass murder. They will probably face appropriate consequences when democracy is restored and world peace becomes reality. Now. Imagine the Nuremberg trials and the long-lasting World Peace coming soon! Wonderful.

Are you a Zucker who still feels like supporting The Zuckerbook? Want to be on the side of the monopoly capitalists fooling you? No? Well, then there are many alternatives out there. Just remember to check that they are NOT on Richard Stallmans “What’s bad about”-list: Airbnb | Amazon | Amtrak | Ancestry | Apple | Discord | Ebooks | Eventbrite | Evernote | Facebook | Google | Gofundme | Grubhub | Intel | LinkedIn | Lyft | Meetup | Microsoft | Netflix | Patreon | Pay Toilets | Skype | Slack | Spotify | Ticketmaster | Twitter | Uber | Wendy’s | WhatsApp | Zoom 

Most importantly; Be compassionate! Do tell your friends when you have understood the importance of making a better choice If they have character and thus deserve your friendship, then you and your choices will be important to them, and they will follow you to better platforms, whether they are proprietary by people you trust, or both open and free, like WordPress. Be an active peaceful fighter my friend!

5 thoughts on “Censorship – Facebook blocks scientist linking to peer reviewed research

  1. You seem to carry a lot of hate and frustration inside you my friend. You have to let it go before you can take that last and most important step. Meditation will not help but confession can clean your soul and make your sins go away before you can reach atonement.

  2. Thanks for your advice, Joseph. Sure. Letting go and just observing oneself in meditation (like Jesus did) is essential to reach enlightenment. You will then see your hate and the source of it and be able to turn it into positive peaceful, constructive compassionate action.

    When reality knocks on the door in the present moment, because of evildoers, there is no better way than calmness, compassion and understanding, before action with good intent (just like Jesus did) and like Stallman and myself do.

    When you are motivated to change yourself (lets say by going into the desert for X days and nights to ponder about this) then you might get an inner calling telling you what to do. And you might get a willingness to change the world as a prince of peace, in order to benefit the whole.

    Then there will be atonement and redemption as a result of that action. You will be forgiven for your sins in that very moment you begin to compensate for them.

    To be human in a society that does not care for you is a sin and creates sinners, but once you manage to be present in every moment there is a choice to redeem yourself and become awesome. That motivation must however bubble up from within! I can feel it will come to you very soon.

    KBT, meditation and prayer can be very helpful to reach your true inner higher collective consciousness.

    Strive for perfection and forgive yourself when you fail! Compensate for your sins! You will never be perfect. Not even Jesus was perfect, hating the money changers in the temple of God, when in fact he himself and the people could have solved the problem by boycott, going out into nature or by making their own temple in reverence to peace compassion and understanding. And I believe they did. That was a grater threat to the false rabbis (and the nasty demiurge that they worship) than a table turned violently upside down.

  3. In my opinion those feminists work for the monopoly capitalists through people like Maxwell an Epstein, knowingly or not, in order to create division and conflict within the left and within FSF.

    The contradictory agenda is to oppress completely natural behavior, especially by mature white men (it seems), which is discrimination, racist and sexist, something feminists claim to be against, but in fact conduct, often against those who do not agree with promoting feminists based on discrimination, racism and sexism, favoring incompetent individuals.

    Stop your slander of RMS!

    The evident truth:

    Where do I sign my support for RMS?


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