Webmasters! – The Wayback Machine delivers the future of your website through The Way Forward Machine

The Wayback Machine has been built by very intelligent and compassionate people. They have deep understanding about history and the dangers for libraries, filled with people’s thoughts. Now they have done it again. They  now deliver the future looks of your own homepage through

The Way Forward Machine“.
Check out your homepage in it!

This Way Forward Machine really makes me consider what I want in the future. It does not look good for my homepage at all. Not at all.

In a way I already knew. I did listen to the book 1984 by George Orwell and did see what the psycho Big Brother planned to do to the investigative journalist Julian Assange, and what Big Brother did to other Whistleblowers telling the truth.

Yes. I did see the signs, but this really makes me motivated to act. How about you? Are you a brave human being or like a peaceful frog, willing to swim around in the pot while it gets hotter?

Frog sitting on a toilet, getting surprised realizing he is being a Zucker using Facebook.
Did you see some weird shit in that Big Brother platform-pot, but still in it?

Do you know what to do next? I know. Peaceful political action in my own country Sweden. A rainbow coalition for direct democracy. It is under attack, but peaceful questioning of the attackers will put the light on the evil, and expose it to the people. What is your thing? Tell me below!


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