Compassionate scientists ending the pandemic peacefully by simultaneous vaccination and herd immunity

picture of a nurse with red horns and tail with a giant syringeA two hour discussion between Geert Vanden Bossche and Dr. Robert Malone (English subtitles) (Transcript) on COVID vaccines, risks, and policies.

These two compassionate scientists believe in the possibility of ending the pandemic, by simultaneous vaccination and herd immunity with help from the non vaccinated.

So what can we do to help them succeed in helping us all? My conclusion from the talk is the following:

0. If you are in a risk group, then do consider vaccinating, preferably with a vector vaccine, not an experimental mRNA gene-editing technology. If not in a risk group, then do not vaccinate! Consider instead to be part of the natural herd immunity.

1. Stay away from big crowds (goes for everyone) unless you are able to keep distances of 2 meters or wear a high quality HEPA-mask.

2. If you get infected or get a vaccination, then try to avoid sudden reinfection (avoiding autoimmune reactions).

3. If you recently had Covid-19. Do not vaccinate! (avoiding autoimmune disorders) You are now quite well protected, unless you get reinfected too soon.

4. If you go shopping or must go into a crowd, like a police officer or a journalist, then use a mask with a HEPA-filter.

5. If working with risk groups, then modify the HEPA-mask to protect them. Non-HEPA-masks without valves are quite leaky or very hard to breath through, especially when they get moist.

6. Consider prophylaxis like HCQ or Ivermectin to protect yourself and others. This might end the pandemic.

7. What ever your friends and family decides to do, be awesome and stay friends!

8. Wash your hands often.

9. Be peaceful (at least with each other).

10. Be compassionate and understanding (at least with each other).


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