Christmas Greeting World Peace Freedom Ladder in English, German & Swedish

I just got a naughty video greeting card from Günter, his lovely friends and my lovely gnomes, so I decided to do something similar. Well, a bit similar, but not as similar as Hitler and Himmler.

The video-files and transcripts I made for you can be downloaded from Internet Archive, be edited and be shared freely, and the files are only about 3 – 4 Megabytes thanks to the application “Handbrake”.

Picture of The Real Santa Clause

In English:
In German:
In Swedish:

Picture of a wooden step stool, open free software on each step and the FSF astronaut pointing at the first step
Enjoy small easy steps towards freedom.

Want to know more about The Freedom Ladder? Then visit:

Want to know more ways to wish Merry Christmas? Then visit:

Want to listen to relaxing Christmas music? Then visit:


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