The gig is up – Dr. Roger Hodkinson – A pathologist with integrity

December 24th, 2020: “The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated On An Unsuspecting Public” | Dr. Roger Hodkinson

Now. The gig is up: When The ‘Normies’ Figure Out The COVID Lies, ‘There Will Be Blood In The Gutter’ – Dr. Roger Hodkinson

Possible definitions of “The Gig“. In this case, as I understand it, Hodkinson implies the end of the bought politician’s theatrical live performance, but still it could be even more suitable to add some other urban definition of “The Gig” to this Covid-19 manure, comparing what came out of many politician’s mouth to something not smelling strawberry cake, and I guess many would see it as fit, whether a “normie” or not.

However, consider that many of these politicians probably did it because of corruption and other pressure from Big Pharma!

Consider operators like Epstein & Maxwell, luring them into honeypots! In each case we should decide the suitable punishment, and try to be as fair as possible, and hopefully be able to make it happen peacefully, like in the Nuremberg trials!

I am sure the police and military will be most helpful, for us the people, whom they protect and serve, if we let them stand for any necessary violence, and we ourselves stay peaceful as long as we possibly can!

On the other hand, were the assassination attempts on Hitler by other German military personnel, not patriotic, aiming for peace for Germany?



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