Jimmy Dore – People voting Democrats are morons + the evidence to back it up + solution

The Republicans hate high taxes for healthcare and vote it down, so we all know they do not care about the poor or the sick. Nothing new. No compassion. We already knew they did not care about us. But Jimmy Dore shows us it is the same with democrats. So. They all work for Wall street 1%, not the people 99%, BUT the majority of morons still vote for them … and endorse them …

The way to solve it? Jimmy Dore forgets the solution, but I don’t. One can complain, but if you’re not ready to show people what to do, then your complaints are pointless.


The solution of course is a rainbow coalition, by new and smaller parties for real democracy, for the people, by the people, through the people, removing the psychopathic corrupted parties, not having to endorse them! Swiss democracy. Direct democracy.

The chances of people understanding this are slim, but hey, what if people like Jimmy repeated this a couple of times? Then maybe, just maybe, they would understand eventually.

Imagine Jimmy Dore as the leader of such a rainbow coalition, and imagine getting the Green party, Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie Sanders to support it, and apologizing for endorsing shitlibs!



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