– Theory – Why the World became peaceful after the end of the Ice age, and why it ended

Youtube – Joe Rogan Experience #606 – Randall Carlson
Rumble – Joe Rogan Experience #606 – Randall Carlson

A little warning though! Do not join any sect being commercialized in the clip, like Freemasonry or numerology! At the top of such, you will likely find people who want to become dictators, as with all sects, talking about freedom, meaning their freedom to oppress you and other sect members, dazzling you with numbers, or wanting to oppress Mother Earth, thus creating the opposite for us all.

Instead, disobey totalitarian sects, just like Jesus did! Also, disobey whatever is being worshiped by the gullible sheep! Disobey totalitarian monopoly companies, totalitarian propagandistic media and totalitarian governments! Civil disobedience safeguards freedom and prevents tyranny.

However, do not disobey reason, emotion or conscience, in the process! Do not put yourself against everything the tyrants claims. Tyranny often mix truth with propaganda, and the truth is still the truth!



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