And the truth from Tulsi Gabbard about Ukraine shall set you free from misinformation

Warmongers argue we must protect Ukraine because it’s a “democracy”

Russia might not be a democracy, but neither is Ukraine. When, or if, political opposition are not allowed, or are in Jail, that is NOT the definition of fair and equal elections.

And actually no western or eastern “democracy” is really a democracy, as in Swiss democracy anyway. When the people are being lied to by propaganda, and have no right to initiative and referendum, it is not a rule by the people, for the people through the people.

That is oligarchy in disguise, and they usually lead us towards large standing armies and lucrative conventional wars for the military industrial complex. I love you Tulsi. You are The Peoples Princess of World Peace. I know you can become the president of the USA! Just do it!

Talk more about the meditating, praying prince of peace, Jesus, and your own experiences in this field! Americans love Jesus, and they love you, and what you want to do for the World! You are more like Jesus, than most who call themselves “Christians”!



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