Vinay Prasad – why does the supposedly impartial CDC push weak or flawed studies to support the administration’s pandemic policy goals?

Robert Malone links to the following article: How the CDC Abandoned Science by Vinay Prasad.

Vinay Prasad is a hematologist-oncologist, associate professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of California, San Francisco, and author of Malignant: How Bad Policy and Bad Evidence Harm People with Cancer.

In the end of his article he asks a question:

“So why does the supposedly impartial CDC push weak or flawed studies to support the administration’s pandemic policy goals? The cynical answer is that the agency is not in fact impartial (and thus not sufficiently scientific), but captured by the country’s national political system. That answer has become harder to avoid. This is a precarious situation, as it undermines trust in federal agencies and naturally leads to a trust vacuum, in which Americans feel forced to cast about in a confused search for alternative sources of information.”

Could it be bribes from this gentleman or others like him, profiting from the plandemic? Maybe difficult to prove? However. This brings another question to the surface: – How do we prevent it from ever happening again?

My own answer is that because of flaws in humans, and the existence of psychopathy, some human activity must not be influenced by capitalism. People must not make more money when others are sick, or when money is withheld from the ones in need, or when armies are built, or on when wars are fought. All these activities must be state owned and state controlled, preferably also controlled by the people, like in Switzerland, where initiative and referendum keep the policies mentally healthy. No private individual should profit from these things happening.

How do we achive that? – Well, we the people, the state, must protect every country with national borders and then impose fair progressive taxes and buy all these companies step by step. Freedom for capital to profit must be in domains where profitability won’t hurt people, like baking bread, building cars etc.

Another way, and a quicker security from similar crimes, is to simply confiscate companies that obviously have been committing crimes against humanity.

What to do with the CDC? Since the bribed/incompetent people in the CDC can only be replaced through political decisions, I suggest forming rainbow coalitions with new left-wing and right-wing parties, with policies that many people can support.

It could also be wise to perform brain scanning to detect signs of psychopathy before putting people in leading positions. Actually, the later, together with some moral philosophy, might be enough to create a more compassionate behavior.



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