Canada – A new form of peaceful civil disobedience from the Truckers against the fascist regime

Truckers are being attacked by the fascist Canadian regime, which is obeying a harmful agenda leading up to The Nuremberg trials 2.0, where I expect Justin Trudeau and his co-conspirators will admit to the truth.

However. The compassionate non-violent truckers (so far) have another action up their sleeve;  A peaceful resistance and civil disobedience, by parking their rigs. Check it out, understand what he says, and do share!

More of interests:
Support for all oppressed countries from Sweden last weekend. But no notice in Swedish media about the event. Conclusion: Even the state owned media in Sweden are now in on the culling agenda, working against the people who pay their salaries. Illegal according to Swedish law. Infidelity towards mandator  [Trolöshet mot huvudman]. How many of them will choose to do like the propagandist Goebbels in the end? What do you think?



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