Critique – After Skool – Where is the Line Between GOOD & EVIL?

– Where is the Line Between GOOD & EVIL?

I think of injured children in wars, caused by greed, children asking nurses when they will get their arm or leg back. Then I think about all people voting on warmongering shitlibs or on warmongering republicans, and compare this to the video. Sorry. The video is BS.

I know people who vote for those warmongers. They feel no shame and have no compassion for the victims of the wars they vote for, but hate me for speaking the truth, and then I feel shame for me being so naive, when hoping they will change one day and join the struggle for World Peace.

Then I see people like Tulsi Gabbard with an energy of Jesus, and I can feel she is good, with my entire system, and then I look at the number of votes she got, and I really begin to wonder…

After Skool draws good and evil in a 50/50 way, but clearly understand that video is evidently not true. Our world is really evil, and the good people are about 2%, like stars in a dark cold space.


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