Robert Malone Exposing Pfizer and some fun with Bill Gates

Robert Malone Exposing Pfizer in Steve Bannons channel

…and there is also some fun on Malones blog. This image says it all:

Bill Gates and his fat greedy belly is now probably involved in the media totally ignoring what they did against us all, now focusing only on Russia invading Ukraine, because of Nazis and Natos long provocation against Russia through Ukraine.

There is just one thing wrong with the image. The Russian bear has not yet been shot. On the contrary, seems to be very much alive and kicking ass. Why? Well, because Ukraine Nazis want nukes on Russia’s border, and the Russians won’t have any of that. I get that. Imagine Russia wanting nukes pointing on the USA on the Mexican border! What would USA do then? Invade and cripple Mexico of course.



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