Two great peaceful compassionate Americans telling the official truth and accused of treason for it

Two great peaceful compassionate Americans under attack:
Tucker Carlson – We’ve just suffered through a global pandemic…
Tulsi Gabbard – Romney must apologize and resign for his slanderous accusations

As a patriotic Swedish person, working daily for World Peace, I at first felt very upset about this accusation of these two wonderful and peaceful Americans, helping all Americans and the World to see the truth more clearly.

But soon I realized that these accusations will actually help them both and America and Mother Earth to avoid total nuclear war, because almost nobody trusts the liars in the fake media lying through their teeth.

– Why do intelligent people read lying media?

– Why do intelligent people vote for lying politicians?

Answer: They don’t. They like trustworthy people, and most Americans are intelligent enough to tell the difference.

So stick with the truth! It is the year of truth! The color of truth is as white as the stars on the American flag and in the night sky! White is all the colors combined! I suggest Tucker in a white shirt and Tulsi looks absolutely fabulous with her white suit! More white color! Possibly add amazonite or flourite, not so much for healing you, with the hope of healing the USA, so they organize and vote for truthful peaceful people!

The only thing I lack from, Tulsi and Tucker, is to address the “penetrations” of the World Economic Forum, and it is important to be motivated to address evil, especially since Tulsi has a history with them. This is the only thing I ask for. Please! It would help me so much against the evil. And no more clickbait headlines, Please! That is a lie. It is the year of truth!


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