Critique – Tulsi Gabbard and Laura Ingraham Fox News censored by Youtube

YouTube and Google seems to be offended by Tulsi Gabbard’s criticism of the Military Industrial Complex, and her advocacy for negotiated settlement in Ukraine, probably because Youtube are the ugly social media arm of the warmongers, who only have “power” because most Americans vote like idiots.

There could of course be another explanation for censorship, like pressure from the president Joe Biden, or death threats by the queen of chaos, Hillary Clinton, but so far Youtube does not seem to supply any reasonable explanation. However, Rumble does not seem to be the underdogs of those war criminals. Let’s hope that lasts!

This does not only mean Youtube have censored the wonderful American politician Tulsi Gabbard, but also censored the wonderful American journalist, Laura Ingraham at Fox News. This suggests that freedom of speech is in danger in the USA, and that the shitlibs might be trying to create a dictatorship, or already did it.

This gives us all an idea of why Google removed the moral motto “Don’t be evil” and also another reason of why we should all avoid Google.

I see no other reasonable way to solve the problem for Tulsi Gabbard, and all her peaceful friends, than to create a third party, a broad rainbow coalition for World Peace, where known warmongers like Biden and Clinton, are not allowed in, cutting the Republicans and the Democrats in half and getting the Greens and other peaceful parties inside too!

I am doing something similar myself in Sweden, and I have only one rule. The ones joining must be reasonable and have a heart!

For the fantastic Fox News I suggest to be proactive and swiftly move all viewers to other platforms a.s.a.p. ! Tell your viewers at the end of every clip where all your clips are!

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