Does God exist? – “Dollar Hegemony Ended Last Wednesday”: Michael Hudson Interviewed by Margaret Flowers on Clearing the Fog

“Dollar Hegemony Ended Last Wednesday”: Michael Hudson Interviewed by Margaret Flowers on Clearing the Fog

I must thank Joe Biden, the west and NATO, with a suitable song, for ending the giant spectacle this way, by forcing Putin to end it. I love you all for forcing the end of the petrodollar this way. The man who really initiated the beginning of the end of the evil empire. Good job, Joe!

Now. Do not blame Putin for Maidan and the shelling of eastern Ukraine! Thank him! He is just cleaning up those Nazis, who does not want peace, and won’t listen to higher awareness. These warmongers must go, not Putin! You two guys should get the Nobel Peace Prize when you are done! Just imagine!

Clean up the USA too, Joe! Go down in history as something beautiful, something all children will love you compassionately for, for a very long time! All your passionate sins are forgiven if you make World Peace happen, Joe, and I know you can help us all.

This is for you, Joe!

Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede – Love Love Peace Peace (Interval Act at the Grand Final)

The goal of a World Peace, that I set up, seems to come true, Joe. I feel so thankful. I am sorry I called you a warmonger, a shitlib and a pedophile. I did not see the awesome plan, you and your crew fooling the military industrial complex this way to create World Peace for all the children. What a great plan! There will be so many children kissing and hugging you soon. The scared Tulsi Gabbard will probably kiss and hug you too.

Will World Peace come true on the exact date I wished for? Will that be the day when the last US/NATO backed Nazis in Ukraine die or capitulate and face their punishment? That would be truly awesome, even if I am most humble and accepting of any date close to it.

People might then ask me how I knew. I did not. I only asked a higher awareness if it could happen, and when, and just wrote it down and asked what I could do to help all children on our planet to make it happen. Truly magic if it happens. I am so thankful.

Next. Will ecological sustainability happen too? Probably. I wonder how the higher awareness will solve this issue? I already asked and already know what to do myself. Thanks for that too. I also was told from a higher awareness that I am Santa Claus … and my belly keep growing … Must I really become fat to be Santa Clause? Why? … Oh I see. Now I understand. That is for the children.



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