Sara Wolk and STAR voting strengthening democracy more than condorcet methods

This interview with Sara Wolk shows you in depth why STAR voting is a great idea. It is very easy to understand. I love it, and I love her compassionately for making it happen in the USA.

Sara is the Executive Director at Equal Vote, Secretary at Equal Vote and STAR Voting Action
Project Coordinator at STAR Elections. She has been a leading force behind the STAR Voting project since the beginning.

​She has a background in sustainability, just like me, and a passion for community organizing, just like me, and she is doing her best to heal democracy, just like me. I don’t know who I like the most anymore. Myself or her? I guess I give us both five stars.

Can I imagine her as the president of the USA? – Oh, yeah! I consider her smarter than most presidents, and also better looking than 99.9% of all candidates. So lovely eyebrows and a wonderful positive aura. Nice to rest eyes on and nice to listen to. Is she too young? Guess her age! My guess is 23.

I have been an advocate for direct democracy for a very long time in Sweden, first digital through “Aktiv Demokrati“, and when learning about IT I am now in favor of Swiss democracy with add-ons through “Vetenskapliga partiet”, at least until dedicated trusted computer voting device is in the hands of all people.

I used to be in favor of using condorcet method, and I also proposed deciding budgets using mean values and contacted hoping for programmers to make it happen in the open free community.

The simplicity of star voting is really great. One thing I’ve learned as a mechanical engineer in R&D it to make it simple if you can! So, next time the problem appears, I will definitely recommend STAR voting!

Some might ask why do we need a better democracy? Well, if we don’t, we might eventually get the warmongering opposite by psychopaths, and when I speak to the people they all want World Peace and a good health, and war is very unhealthy. I would love to do an interview with Sara myself. Consider this an invitation!



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