Unified Platform 22 – DjElf7 is forming a Rainbow coalition in the USA

Unified Platform 22 is forming a Rainbow coalition and consists of people from the Green party, Libertarians, Democrats, Republicans and possibly soon more parties.

I found Dj Elf 7 through Tulsi Gabbard’s locals  and he seems to be a very bright energetic and courageous figure in this constellation of bright stars. DjElf7 has a fantastic channel on Rumble.

When will Tulsi Gabbard join? I hope she does before she gets ditched by the shitlibs in the Democrats, and give these grassroots a push and some credit as soon as possible! I actually see no other logic and emotionally correct choice for her.

Here they are. Unified Platform 22 on Youtube being truthful, and here with the Independent Party of Delaware for the Unified Platform for 22 on Rumble.


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