Jessica Learish – Horrifying photos of Chernobyl and its aftermath

From the peace princess Tulsi Gabbard, a really awesome person, I am directed to pictures from Horrifying photos of Chernobyl and its aftermath. One must agree that those evacuated villages are very peaceful now… But is peace through destruction what we really want for our children? -No.

What is the compassionate thing to do about this? In Sweden some claim our nuclear technology is safer than in Chernobyl, but what if Sweden’s political warmongers keep making trouble with Russia, or warmongering terrorists backed by the criminal regime of the US take them over? Then how safe is it? – Does not sound very safe to me.

Some economists and electric engineers claim we need them, but I have understood there is a better solution, and that is ecological sustainability with sun, wind and water energy. We can also become fewer people, procreating less.



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