Why won’t they debate Steve Kirsch who will pay one millions to Covid-19 vaccine pushers for a debate?

In this interview, we will hear some credible hypothesis from Steve Kirsch of why the Covid-19 vaccine pushers won’t debate him or his experienced colleagues.

That was an excellent interview, I must say, and Steve Kirsch did an excellent job as well. In Sweden we experienced only two debates that I know of, but NOT in the main stream media, so the people in charge in Sweden has so far slipped through the net.

Two scientists kind of “debate” (in Swedish) on the “People’s Radio” [Folkets Radio]:

Vaccindebatt om Covid-19 med Ann-Cathrin Engwall och Henrik Brändén

Two doctors debating (in Swedish):

Agnes Wold is a professor in clinical bacteriology, in favor of vaccination. Nils Littorin is an MD and doctor in clinical microbiology and taking initiative for Läkaruppropet, and active in the commune party Malmölistan, and speaker at demonstrations in Stockholm (translated to English by me).

I guess a Nuremberg trial 2.0 is the only way to get any “debate”. Should our hope be to Vladimir Putin killing US backed Nazis in Ukraine, and researching DARPA funded bioweapon labs?



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