Security & Communication – ProtonMail delivers an updated Tor-site – An important step

The intelligent and compassionate people at ProtonMail delivered an updated Tor-site. This will increase the possibilities of secure and unhampered communication.

I want to point out that open free hardware, open free operating systems and apps, of course, are essential for any security. Higher safety comes from hardware and software that is known, and have been analyzed by the open free community, and now rests comfortably in the open free GNU/Linux repositories.

Free and secure communication, all over the world between people, is of course not only about privacy, real friendship and personal security. It is also a means toward the goal of World Peace, an issue more important than ever, since the USA-regime is creating coup d’états in democratic nations together with terrorists and Nazis, wanting to cleanse minorities ethnically.

The democratic republics of Russia, Luhansk and Donetsk, who lost about 14000 civilians from Azov-Nazis shelling them since 2104, are finally now performing military operations to stop them, thereby putting two nuclear superpowers and their allies closer to a hot war.

The action is covered, and the witnesses are being interviewed by Patrick Lancaster, available on YouTube and Rumble. Let us all hope that peace will happen very soon, and then World Peace. I am sad to say that my goal of World peace has not yet been met. I am dissapointed. A lot of responsibility lies with the Green Party, with Tulsi Gabbard and Rand Paul, and others who have not yet formed a Rainbow coalition for World Peace.

Why not? – I do not know why? I have told them how to do it. I am very disappointed with them, but will of course forgive them if they do, and thereby remove the warmongers and criminals from power.



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