How did you get red pilled? – My story, and do give me yours!

I had the favor of being “red pilled” long before Covid-19. My first skepticism was born at the age of 4, when discovering that Santa had the same tattoo as my grandfather. Great culture! It makes children less naive. Let them discover that adults, who they trust, can and do lie to them!

Since the illness of my father from antibiotics resulting in actinomycosis, and his discovery of systematic lies by doctors and the media, and his discovery of philosophy in order to cope with this disturbance, I was very “red pilled” by this as well. The normal trust in doctors and media, that we had before, was completely gone.

Books of Philosophy and dialogue made us even more “red pilled”. I also discovered moral philosophy. Very interesting, especially The Golden Rule and The Categorical Imperative. Very important.

My “red pill” dosage later increased by being the victim of an “Asch Conformity Study” in psychology class. I understood, with my entire system, that I could be made to hallucinate, as the result of just three people’s opinion in my group, when they were taking a very dominant attitude and quickly agreeing with each other, like the media does today repetitively. I had to measure lines on a blackboard with a ruler before I could snap out of it. It made me realize that once fooled by charlatans, it can be very difficult to snap out of it.

Later I came across a book about Happiness by the Dalai Lama. I did my first meditation called rose meditation. This led to more meditation, in all kinds of environments, in monasteries, deserts, jungles and in caves.

I got hold of a book by Vernon Howard “The Power of Your Supermind”. Very important wisdom. More red pills in there.

My interest of evident truth pulled me down into the rabbit hole of evident lies, since an important way of finding truth is knowing what kind of lies we are lured by. It brought me into scientific theory and fallacy. I now share the things I know here in Swedish.

I had long been interested in politics, and I thought that digital direct democracy would increase dialogue and wisdom. However, doing meditation I realized the importance of increased calmness, courage and collective consciousness, within the minds of those in power. So I had to start the Scientific party of Sweden [Vetenskapliga partiet] We are in favor of Swiss direct democracy and the increased wisdom for all participants by a “Democracy Driver’s License”.

However, I still find it VERY hard to attract people who CLAIM to be “red pilled”. People with competence, wisdom and character, like Socrates and Plato, are very hard to find. Before I thought I could easily find twelve of them. Now I will be happy if I find number one.

I do not know if I will find the right people, but with all the psychopaths in the establishment, I see all the reason to keep looking. We need to replace the evil ones in government, and increase the wisdom of humanity, before it is too late! Sweden and Finland joining Nato is probably even more dangerous for humanity than culling of 90% through injections.



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