Debunk – Tulsi Gabbard is NOT working for the World Economic Forum (WEF)

I have myself had some doubts about the good-looking Tulsi Gabbard, even if I sense a very strong Jesus energy within her in meditation. She has seen the horrors of war, as a major in the US Army, and that is probably why she is such a strong advocate for peace.

Gabbard seem very sincere, especially when answering to the attacks by the psychopathic warmonger and chicken hawk Hillary Clinton, calling Tulsi a traitor to her nation, as if World Peace, and a multipolar world (proposed by Vladimir Putin and many other leaders), would not make America great again.

Of course, it would make America great again. It is perpetual wars that have led to the fall of USA economically, and in the fall of the USA in the eyes of the entire World Population, while the military industrial complex has pocketed the people’s money in foreign bank accounts, avoiding taxation, not getting enough money for schools, health care and for the elderly in the USA.

Tulsi Gabbard is clearly not working for the World Economic Forum (WEF), even if she attended and was chosen by The World Global Leaders, in the same way as you might not agree with all the teaching at your own school, you as students going against them, or that you might change your views when digging deeper into any subject.

The evidence debunking the myth from the self-serving neoliberal “shitlib” internet trolls following her, like a dung-caked lock of wool around the hindquarters of a sheep, is here:

““Global Pandemic Treaty” espoused by WEF, Biden Admin & WHO is a despicable, thinly veiled attempt to override our Constitution/sovereignty. If enacted, WHO could dictate US policy & track our every move via universal digital IDs. We must not let them usurp our freedom.”
/ Tulsi Gabbard Source:

In such statements, you see the clear evidence of who is standing up for the constitution of the USA, and who is not. Even the famous scientist Dr. Robert Malone urges her, since she has broken with her WEF training:

“I wish she would come out and speak about what that training consists of” … “she is being brave about a number of things” … “I’d love to hear her speak frankly” …  “I think that she might be one of the best voices to teach us about what’s really going on”.
/ Robert Malone Source:

I agree with Malone, and I do what Malone urges her to do, and what she just did. I do increase understanding by telling the people how to tell the difference between truth and lies through the page of evident truth in the Scientific party [Vetenskapliga partiet] of Sweden.

I can tell you all, my friends, including Robert, that after only 70 hours of leadership training, what leadership training is all about. It is about psychology. It is social psychology, group psychology, namely how our minds can be lured by different forms of lies, how people can begin to hallucinate if many people claim the same lie. Attending classes in psychology strengthens, anyone who attends, mentally.

Now. That is all ok, if you have character and use that knowledge to strengthen your own society and work for World Peace, and do your very best to tell the evident truth. Tulsi Gabbard does do that, in my opinion. I never caught her with a lie, and that is why I have such compassion for her, and cannot imagine why anyone in the USA, left or right, would not vote for her.

Tulsi Gabbard is absolutely the best America has ever had, I would even put her above JFK and Martin Luther King in value for the USA. Protect her well, my dear Americans! The psychopaths who rob you hates her more than anything else.

If you want World Peace then do follow Tulsi Gabbard at:


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