I met L’uba from Kyiv, Ukraine, a wonderful woman

It seems like the name LUBA or L’UBA is a short version of the name LYUBOV which means love. She pronounced it “aljuba” and Love is what radiated from her in a very compassionate way. She also spoke some English and seemed quite intelligent because she wanted to know the truth. I like that.

And that is why I welcomed her to Sweden. She was here to visit her cousin and wanted to go back to Kyiv, so I urged her to stay here with us in safety i Sweden, until peace in Ukraine is a reality.

I promised to give her this very important information. First, before I give this to her (and other people reading it) I feel it is good if you understand something very important, and that to watch some videos from AfterSkool.  The most important ones might be The Dunning Kruger Effect and Mass psychosis. They help us to open our minds, if we want to know the truth.

Basically, if what you see and hear is disturbing, then see this disturbance as a signal that you might have misunderstood something you thought you understood! Then do meditation and breath deeply to deal with the dissonance! Do NOT IGNORE it! That would be IGNORANT. Meditation brings not only openness, but also skepticism, and that are foundations of science.

If something is true, why be upset? If it is untrue, why be upset? Truth can help us. Welcome it!

Next. But only if you feel ready!

First. I do not believe Putin or Lavrov are prefect or innocent, but I did try to understand them. In fact, if I was Russian I would probably vote a party like The Swedish Scientific Party in a new national rainbow coalition, hopefully with The Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, A Just Russia, Rodina, Civic Platform and other Russian parties and organizations in order to challenge Mr Putin and his United Russia party.

Do not only consume western propaganda! Do read or listen to alternative voices and what the other side is saying! They often believe what they say, even if there are charlatans among them too.

There are some interesting documents, clips and movies out there. Look for it! Here are some interesting stuff to begin with:



Jimmy Dore is a comedian exposing many lies, also about Ukraine:


…and it is fun to watch too.

Peace, Compassion and Understanding!

Hope to hear from you soon!



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