COVID-19 – GAME OVER – WE WON – They lied to us BIG TIME.

One of Steve Kirsch’s surveys had a strong signal, so he had a third party polling firm run the same survey against a neutral audience. The results are devastating, according to Kirsch. The polling shows we were lied to. Big time. No other way to spin it, according to Kirsch. I understand we might be right, but will we win?

Sure. Soon there might be payback time. I mean, why would people, who got their friends and families murdered, wait for a dysfunctional s.c. “democracy”, controlled by the same people who perpetrated the mass murder, or why wait for a dysfunctional s.c. legal system already bought and paid for, when direct justice is so easily found?

I do not expect the people today, lacking character, to organize and make any peaceful revolution in any effective way through a rainbow coalition, so I guess we will soon see blood in the gutter everywhere instead. It will be blamed on the guns, just like an obese person might blame the fork for her obesity. But really, when will they make sharpeners and knives for cutting meat illegal?

The guns are not the issue, but of course, they will claim that lunacy combined with guns are the problem. They will be 50% correct. Lunacy is the problem. The Power Elite’s own lunacy; Committing mass murder, and expecting to get away with it with no consequences. But of course I could be wrong.

Talking to a person three times jabbed, with no side effects at all, the same person listening to my warnings for years is still considering the fourth jab. Once fooled, and constantly under the bombardment of mass media, it is a huge challenge to make them change their mind.

Bild på Gustave Le Bon”The masses have never thirsted after truth. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim.”
/ Gustave Le Bon Source:

Bild på Gustave Le Bon”Les foules n’ont jamais eu soif de vérité. Devant les évidences qui leur déplaisent, elles se détournent, préférant déifier l’erreur, si l’erreur les séduit. Qui sait les illusionner est aisément leur maître ; qui tente de les désillusionner est toujours leur victime.”
/ Gustave Le Bon Psychologie des foules (1895), Gustave Le Bon, éd. Félix Alcan, 1906, partie Livre II. Les opinions et les croyances des foules, chap. II. Facteurs immédiats des opinions des foules, p. 98 (texte intégral sur Wikisource)

Compassionate people, telling the truth in good faith, might actually become the victims. How harsh it might sound, it might actually not be too bad, in the long run, if the naive MSM consuming people die away. The World will become both more sustainable, alert AND more intelligent.

Same with peaceful people. They are not the ones voting for warmongers or dying in wars. They organize correctly, vote correctly and stay away from wars.

However, if we want to remove dangerous mass murderers from leadership positions, and from the gene pool, I guess it is up to all intelligent people who are left to find courage and motivation to do that!

But first do your own survey, of course! Do not blindly believe in me or Steve Kirsch! He claims we won. I am more modest. It ain’t over until the fat lady sings, and taking away her fork will not stop her from eating, neither make her exercise.



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