Please help! – Letter to Edward Snowden and Democracy Now about digital direct democracy

Hi Guys! I love and deeply respect your work at Democracy Now.

I am personally a Left-winger,  because of scientific meta studies showing that more equal societies have a lower murder frequency, and I work for free in favor of the best for future generations.

I feel the undemocratic security state is stepping up its goal for totalitarianism through digital election fraud, and that is why, I would like to involve Edward Snowden in a talk about Digital Direct Democracy, hackers/crackers and backdoors in hardware and software.

The reason is that now there are three parties:
(or more) in Sweden not listening to my warnings about this.

I am an engineer and was one of four engineers founding a digital direct democracy called “Aktiv Demokrati” in 2003, using a wiki.

Aktiv Demokrati later moved to an open free phpBB-forum,, where all participants had access to communication and voted openly, and with alias if wanted. I realized the security problems about 2008, through an IT-engineer, but very few listens to my warnings. The problem is growing.

So. Now three parties are advocates for closed non-transparent voting (!!!) on hardware and operating systems controlled by you know who!

Nowadays, I am an advocate for Swiss democracy where we have representatives and have initiative right for decisive referendums for the people.

I also I believe we need ordinary people to count the votes locally in real life, and the votes should only be put in the ballots and counted on election day.

The boxes and the counting should, in my opinion, be monitored by video cameras, preferably live. The people counting could have numbers or aliases and not be seen, but only in order to be able to identify fraud.

It would be excellent and interesting to involve more people with knowledge too. I am not so important, but if you’d like to have me on, I do speak excellent English and will of course translate our conversation into Swedish for the enlightenment of my own country.

I feel we need to address this problem before it grows out of hand! Please help me!

If you see this and have a channel to Snowden, please help me! You can contact me through this page!



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